December 10th, 2007

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Saturday night  I sent Loser Jim an email asking if he liked my candy cane video...  he wrote back... 
yes i did.
here are some pics of cocks that are similar to the guy that stole my girlfriend. If you know of any sites I can go to to see similar ones let me know as I prepare to suck my first cock.
So I sent him a $10 pay-to-view email:
I know the perfect guy... to be your first...
I can't wait to whore you out lil dick!!
jim: who?
$20. pay-to-view email:
my friend Mike...  6'1 - huge cock...  very muscular...  and he travels all over -- you could meet up :)
That got Loser Jim all excited and he called to hear more about my friend... but while I was on the phone with him, I realized one of my callers is in Denver and would love to turn Jim into the cock sucker he was meant to be!  I told Jim I'll set it up this week for him:)
I sent "jt" a $15. pay-to-view titled: "Know what really turns me on?????"
-using you for your money of course!!!  :)
Then he sent a $25 tribute
jt: That was so hot you are great
-thanks  jt ;)
jt: your welcome just want to make you happy
$10. pay-to-view email: you do :)
-using you makes me soooo  happy :)
$50. pay-to-view email: let's make it feel
Really Good!!
-I want to keep taking  and taking.........
$50. pay-to-view email: just took a pic for you!
 jt-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

jt:  you are good its scary

jt:   Princess could I please buy a picture of your beautiful feet please

$70. pay-to-view email : 2 feet pics... ((just took for you))
in my sexy gold strappy sandals:)
Picture48.jpg picture by belladaisy27  Picture47.jpg picture by belladaisy27

jt:  thank u so much u r amazing

-any time;)
oh and I'm sure you're stroking away at your dick...
No cumming without permission!!!

jt:  please princess may i cum

$125. pay-to-view email:  "Well you know it's going to cost you!"
go ahead...  I want you to cum hard for me while looking at the pics I took for you tonight :)

jt:  fuck you sure know how to work me over.  Thank you princess

-did you cum?

jt:  yes so good thank you.  You sure did fuck me up quick over $300 in less than an hour u sure do have me wrapped around your finger

-good  that's right where I want you ;)

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A note from Niteflirt:
"As you are probably already aware, the “Adults Only” category is no longer accessible to customers through and related Keen properties. The “Just Friends” category is no longer accessible to customers through and related NiteFlirt properties. 
-Beginning December 10, all users will be required to have separate accounts to access both web sites and 800 numbers."

***if you sign on through - you need to make a new account/member name on to be able to contact me.


*Thank you "M" and Dan for the wish list presents you bought me over the weekend:)