December 17th, 2007

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 I wasn't on NiteFlirt much this weekend...Friday night 1HotBoy called and sent his nightly $50 check-in tribute, then I went out with friends.  When  I got home around 2:30am..I saw my Pet Matt online and told him to call me.  We ended up chatting till after 4:30 in the morning:)
Saturday night I was at a Christmas party  so I only took a few shorts calls.
Sunday morning I signed on to see one of my old favorites came back to send a nice tribute...$70. - he "paid for my cell phone bill" the links to tribute are always ready for you at the bottoms of my listings!  lol
Then I had my family Christmas party, so I didn't get on NF until after 10pm.  Right away my "fluffer Mike from Chicago"  saw me online and sent a tribute:)  He's become addicted to me and gets so upset when I'm not online or his wife is around and he can't talk to me.
Then 1HotBoy sent a tribute and called my cam line - to serve his princess for over an hour:)
My sucker Scott called twice today, he wants to spend all his Christmas money on me!  He still sends money to his ex-wife even though he doesn't have to.  She happens to live nearby... so I keep telling him to send all his money to Philadelphia!  His ex and I are going to take everything he has!
Sometime this weekend I sent my Foot Slave jt a $10 pay-to-view mail saying:
Hey jt... I'm in the mood to use you.
you know how much I love getting you worked up and taking your money!
He opened it this afternoon and replied:
jt:and you are so good at it

So I sent him a $20 pay-to-view:
-well I can't take all the credit... you are so fun to use...
over and over again:)
jt:you have so much control over me I just can't stop paying you  all I think about is you perfect feet
$50 pay-to-view email:
-they are perfect, you're right...
my perfectly pedicured feet... how could anyone resist???

jt:I don't think anyone could I would love to see them
$60 pay-to-view email:
-maybe I should send you a pic or 2? you....
you love seeing my feet in heels don't you ;)
jt:oh yes please princess

$40 pay-to-view email:
While you're waiting for me to take these pics for you now....
you can pay for my next pedicure (plus tip)
jt:I can't believe how you just keep taking from me
- I CAN!   ;)
$70 pay-to-view email: 3 pics.... in my super sexy platform heels
-you know I took these just for you! Enjoy!
jt:Thank you so much   I am such a sucker for your pictures you send me   I love them so much
$25 pay-to-view email: Hmm... I wonder who's more turned on right now...
-You must be stroking it over there looking at my pics,  but I'm sooo turned on using you:)
jt:You drive me crazy thinking about your pictures   then you talk about using me and I get even crazier.  The thought of you sitting there not giving a shit about me and just taking my money is insane.  I love you

$25 pay-to-view email: WOW!!!! you are so...
you'll probably want to cum soon too ;)
jt:yes please princess

$25 pay-to-view email: So you think I should let you cum for me now?
-well  how bad do you need to cum????
jt: please princess I am so hard for you

$150 pay-to-view: 
Good, that's exactly how I want you! 
Picture52.jpg picture by belladaisy27 Picture54.jpg picture by belladaisy27 
-Now go pay your CUM FEE!
make sure you cum hard for me and my perfect feet!
jt:Thank you so much for using me Princess I know you don't give a fuck about me and I don't know why but it feels so good that you use me for my money.

-you are right again!  so tell me... how much money did I take from you today?   You know I dont keep track... I just keep taking and taking !!
jt:$450.00   You are so good at fucking me over   and yet I love you  I am so screwed
-LOL  yes  you sure are ;)