December 22nd, 2007

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Today (Saturday)  I went to the hair and nail salons, and stopped at a couple stores to finish my Christmas shopping.  I LOVE shopping, I could live at the mall, but not in December!!     Thank you to everyone who did some of my Christmas shopping for me (from my Amazon wish list:)

Tonight 1HotBoy called and sent his nightly tribute, then MS came online and asked permission to tribute. 
I sent him a 
$50 pay-to-view: Spoil Me!
-you're so good at it;)

1HB asked what I was doing ((he could hear me typing while we were on the phone))  I told him I was sending pay mails to MS.  1HB has to be my BEST pussy boy... so he wanted to pay everything MS did.   ((MS & 1HB have been known to compete for tributes, lol)

I sent them both a $50 pay-to-view mail:  Pay up boys!

They both paid them right away.  1HotBoy got a lil too excited and forgo to ask permission to stroke it.
That cost him a $100 fine :)

I sent MS another
$50 pay-to-view:
you're going to keep giving
-and giving
to make me happy!!

he paid it, but didn't reply...
so I emailed him another

$50 pay-to-view:
why so quiet tonight ???
-that's ok -- I JUST WANT you're MONEY ANYWAY!! SPOIL ME!!   SPOIL ME!!!

at this point I didn't even have to make email subjects or write anything inside...
I just sent a

$50 pay-to-view: :)
-I keep taking.... and
and I love it!
MS: ty for letting me spoil you, im not worthy

$50 pay-to-view: Yea, I know!

$50 pay-to-view: Tribute, Tribute, Tribute!
MS: im so grateful, but I can't afford to keep doing this.

$100. pay-to-view: Yes you can
-see!   wasn't that fun!
MS: I love you Goddess

$100 pay-to-view:  I know;)
oh please goddess, oh please i beg you

$100. pay-to-view: To what ?
take more money from you???
MS:so controlling    you know exactly what you are doing
I can't afford it

- you've been saying that for a while now
-yet you keep paying:)

$50. pay-to-view mail: and 1 more before I let you go....
-just because I can;)
MS: i need to try stay away from you!

$100 pay-to-view: Oh stop it!
-you'll be back in a month or 2.
you always say that, so STOP trying!
MS: i know i know     cant resist       youre a hottie  

$50 pay-to-view: I Want It All !!
$$$$$$$$ Spoil Me $$$$$$$$$$$
MS: i love you     better go, its 3.45am ((he's in Europe))  happy christmas goddess

Friday night I went to another Christmas party, so I wasn't on NiteFlirt till after 1am.  I noticed Loser N  opened a $50 pay-to-view I sent him a couple weeks ago.  
He sent me this email:
hello Goddess,
may i please pay for a picture of your feet?  please

So I sent him a $50 pay-to-view mail:
I just took 3 for ya... barefeet and in heels ;)

Rating:5 stars
 Written Feedback:thank you Goddess...i love feeling weak and used by you. i can't help myself; the meaner you are to me, the more i love you for it.

I took a few calls, but I must have falled asleep a little after 3am, because I woke up this morning around 9 and saw I had 5 missed calls.  Sorry about that guys....  I guess all these nights of taking calls till 5, 6, and 7 o'clock in the morning finally caught up with me.


Thursday night started out with 1HotBoy calling for a half hour and sending a tribute.

I saw Ryan online and told him to call. He made up some bullshit about his girlfriend coming home soon so he couldn't talk long.  I gave him the option of sending a $30 tribute  or calling right then, before I called his GF myself.   He decided to call my cam line and I kept him on the phone a lot longer than he wanted:)  ((he should have just paid the tribute;)

A lil while later my Hawaiian hottie called my cam line for about 25 minutes:)

Then "LD" called...  he just got home from his office Christmas party  and was needing to be used by me.   I kept making him add more and more every time we got the 1 minute warning.  He tried to go a few times because he had work in the morning and it was costing him a lot of money,  but we all know things like that don't concern me;)   I kept him on the phone till 2:45am anyway:)  

1HotBoy called back...  we talked for a lil over an hour, but by 4:30 in the morning I was really tired...   so I told him I was ready for bed and he'd have to wait till the next day before I let him cum:)