December 31st, 2007

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 Saturday night I finished my journal entry with this:
SubbieSissy just emailed me .... I think I told you the other day how I went to email my lil panty boy, but he closed his account.
See just like I said about JD...  WHY bother closing your account... you KNOW you'll be back for more;)

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So around 3:30am (Saturday night/ Sunday morning) Subbie emailed me:
Subject: you might guess...
..who this is. 
(he changed his member name a little) 


$20 pay-to-view mail:  Re: you might guess...
I KNEW you'd be back!! pretty pink panties and all:)

Subbie:  Couldn't stay away!
((he only lasted 9 days before contacting me with his new account;))

$20 pay-to-view:
Such a good
subbie cock sucker ;)

you've got me pegged...

-wearing panties yet?

subbie: not just yet
getting sleepy though
but you probably don't care

-No...I don't
go get your pink panties and your lipstick
subbie: my lipstick broke when we were on cam
and...well...i actually got rid of the gloss

subbie: i was planning to sort of change my waysbut here i am again
-nah, don't change your ways... I like your old ways;)
subbie:  i'm sure you do
probably don't have much choice
given my cock

-yea that's what i was thinking too
so are you stroking your little dick?

*he asked to see a pic of me in a pink bra

-oh no-- you have to pay for that
$30 pay-to-view: I want...
you close, but
not too close ;)

subbie:  you upped the anty a little there...
I know not to get too close...otherwise there is trouble, eh?

$50 pay-to-view mail: :)

then another...
$50 pay-to-view mail: :)

and then I sent a third
$50 pay-to-view mail: :)
subbie:  Funny that each email is nothing but a smile  after i pay.  I keep expecting more, but nothing...

I told him to get  out his dildo and start sucking...
which he did right away...

$50 pay-to-view: my plan worked:) I AM...
turning you into the sissy fag I always knew you were:)

i guess you've always had me pegged. 
and i still haven't seen your bra...

$70 pay-to-view mail: Keep stroking
little subbie boys with tiny dicks have to wait!!

subbie: hmmm...i noticed you raised the rate again.  sort of got me by the balls, don't you.  can't wait to see it....
i'm getting a bit sleepy
not that it matters to you
you'll keep me up as late as you wish
and take and take and take

$70 pay-to-view:  YES
take and take..
That's what I do!     ty for reminding me... you're the best;)

I'm the best for what?  For giving and giving?  I'm starting to wonder if i have a choice anymore...

no mercy tonight
all yours

$50 pay-to-view:
I'm starting to wonder if i have a choice 
can answer that for you...
NO...  you have a tiny little dick... so I MAKE the RULES!

subbie:  my tiny dick and yearning for attention leaves me no choice...that and your sexy body of course.  I guess the choice is yours.    my credit card bill is going to hurt. least the rate went down a touch.  

$50 pay-to-view:
my credit card bill is going to hurt
not as much as...
your balls...  if I don't let you cum ;)

oh my...though....given that i left you for a bit, i guess i have no idea what you have in store for me.  i'd love more teasing though....

 it's funny
i won't buy myself something nice for $300
but i'll give more than that in a night to you
and that's the way it should be

-keep stroking

  you've kept me up much later than planned

$70 pay-to-view mail:  
you do know that
what you had "planned" doesn't concern me right??? just keep stroking.......
that itty bitty dick....

subbie:  raised the rate on my little cock again.  you keep bringing me hard, then i go soft and then hard again.  i can't help but follow your directions.  i figure the only way to please you is with laughs or money and i guess i haven't humiliated myself to earn your laughs tonight.  
do you ever masturbate?

-of course;)

what do you think about?

now you KNOW the answer to that was going to cost you...
$100  pay-to-view:  what do I think about
when I ...

hot guys,  big cocks,  muscular bodies...  having my ass and pussy worshipped ;)

raised it a bit on me again...and yet i didn't flinch since i really wanted to know. was sort of what i expected and it was all things i don't have (except for the worshiping part of course).  got me by the short and curlys tonight since i keep expecting more....not sure how much longer i'll last....won't nf eventually cut me off?  will they save me?

$100 pay-to-view:   by the short and curlies !! LOL omg funny
will NF save you...yes, but when ?. ...........
I keep taking and taking:)

I assume you have no limit to what you'll take....and i clearly can't think for myself anymore.  yet...still hoping i see more of you....please send another pic

$70 pay-to-view: so close to earning a tease...

a slight reprive on the rate...yet you continue to take all i have... 
is this good for more than a tease?  please?

$50 pay-to-view: No....

subbie: despite my...fagginess...i still want more of you

$100 pay-to-view:    and i want more of you!!
you know you have to pay:)

and pay i did.  take, take, take.  i hope it pays off for my little cock.  you not only own my cock right now, but it appears you also own my wallet.  only nf can save me now...

**I sent him another  $100 pay mail after that, but....
" Sorry, this payment could not be sent because you have reached your daily mail spending limit. Please try again at a later date."

((NiteFlirt doesn't let you spend more than $1,000. a day ))

 - that $100 they wouldn't let you send me
go buy me a $100 amazon e-card like you did last time

***We ended up emailing  till almost 8am....   I made him send me $400 in Amazon e-gift cards, and a bunch of stuff from my wish list:)

subbie: well...
 it was fun

- yes it was

  though you may not hear from me for a week or two
 i'm sure you understand

- of course

 that's what i like about you
you take and take
 yet you know i can't keep it up completely
and continually

-you can come find me when you're in the mood again

will do!
i know where to find you