January 15th, 2008

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I guess it's been too long since I had to deal with an asshole....   

I had this  caller tonight.. he called and asked for my eyeball id... I told him I only use Yahoo...I said... do you have Yahoo...  he hung up.
Then he emails me saying I hung up on him.  Then he IM's me on Yahoo (( how did he know my Yahoo id??)) -- because he's done this before -- makes up names  and calls me and other girls  long enough to leave bad feedback...

We ended up doing a 5 minute call ((he's wearing pink panties and wants to suck cock, wishes he was a girl, etc)  then he asked to see my tits...  so I say -- did you read my listing?  I don't do that -- you called a DOMINATION -  MISTRESS line.  and he let it go-- we talked a couple more minutes and it was time to add money, but he didn't.

As you all know... Yahoo freezes twice in the beginning of the call... 1 quick freeze and then the 2nd one is a lil longer... happens to everyone...   I told him that and he freaked out.  

So he goes and leaves one bullshit feedback saying I hung up on him... which is stupid...  WHY would I hang up on a paying caller???

Then he sends me all these horrible IM's... I told him to leave me alone... and he wouldn't stop.   He said I should use Eyeball and I told him how my new computer - with Windows Vista,  eyeball doesn't work right...   so he left another feedback...
I said... ok  you left the feedback.... you win... don't ever contact me again....

he says... Oh no, this is fun, I've got nothing, but time.... I'm going to keep making names and leaving more... I'll pay the $3  just to keep leaving you bad feedback and make sure no one ever calls you!
...  I said go ahead... NiteFlirt will notice the pattern and delete it!  
So I called him a panty wearing cock sucker and told him to go fuck himself...   then put him on ignore.

Mistresses1/14/2008---------------1 starHmmmm well I was dumb enough to call her again. DO NOT GO WITH THIS GIRL. Pleanty of better girls out there. After 5 minutes of her cam freezing on yahoo (because she won't use eyeball???) she explains to me that her cam "always freezes twice"...wouldn't be so bad if it didn't lock up for a minute each time. She didn't say much, and definitely wasn't into it. So if you like long awkward pauses while you stare at a frozen webcam on yahoo...go for it...but don't complain when you waste $3 a minute when there are other hot girls on here who use eyeball and get vocal with you. 
Mistresses1/14/2008----1 starPicked up the phone and when I asked her to add me so I could see her cam she hung up on me...Definitely not cool.  

I get about 15 - 20 satisfied callers a day...((would be nice if you guys would leave feedback!! lol))
 once in a while there's always that one asshole who gets off on leaving bad feedback. 
So he can go ahead and make new member names and pay $3 to leave me bad feedback.... I have so many loyal callers who will come right after him and his feedback will be lost!!!!!


(no subject)

I had a new caller tonight "sjJack" called my cam line  needing to be humiliated for constanly jerking his little dick day and night!

Dorkywhimp called back tonight...  he stayed on my cam line for over an hour asking me to humiliate him for being such a loser...  then he asked me to tell him some stories from when I was in high school...  he wanted to hear all about  me dating the  Quarterback and being Home Coming and Prom Queen....  he asked what it was like being so popular... ...  (((of course it was wonderful, but that kind of stuff doesn't really matter after high school.  lol )))   

Bitchboy Sam ((the one who wants to hook up with trannies)  called again tonight...  he's another one who has to whisper while his wife is asleep in the next room.

1Hot Boy called tonight with a nice tribute "pussy boy funds"  as usual :)

I noticed I haven't heard from my original "Loser Mark" in a while...  I know I haven't been on early enough for him to call lately, but I think it's time for him to show me  how pathetic he can be for me!
((He's known for humping cheeseburgers, pies, and other pastries in public restrooms...  
(sox/Loser Mark)

After all the tributes, paid mail, and presents he bought  me yesterday... I decided to take it easy on sox/Loser Mark with all the pay-to-views since he's been spending hundreds every day... but that didn't stop him from sending me tributes and buying more presents from my Amazon wish list last night and again today :)

Late last night he sent a
$25 tribute...
This is for taking up YOUR time tonight. i know that i do not deserve it. 
-sissy bitch mark 

and then this morning he sent a
$15 tribute...
Hello Goddess,
I woke up thinking about srving You, so i wanted to send a note saying hi.
i can not wait until the next time that i have the opportunity to slut myself out for Your benefit.  i am sure that i am not Your only sub who would love more humiliation assignments.  It is so great when You demonstrate Your power over me.
-Your sissy bitch mark

Then he bought my pictures from my listings..
Yes i am a loser.  I already purchased this set, but Your pictures are underpriced so i figure i should buy them a few times each.  

Then he paid the $50 tribute "night out with the girls"
i am pathetic...i would love to come up with a better word, but what is lower than pathetic?Have a good night out with Your friends at my expense.  i am sure that You will have a good laugh when You tell them how much of a loser i am.

Then he bought my candy cane video , again...
  i had already purchased this on too, but wow does it look good on You Tube!  i am enslaved by You.  i just can not wait for our next call.
-sissy bitch mark

--I want you to get a dildo   for your ass too.  The candle stick was fun....  but I want to make you take a "cock" in your ass too . ((of course it will be smaller than big black ;)))

i can't wait until i am on cam for You with a cock in my ass and a cock in my mouth.  i am grateful that You allow a pitiful loser like me to spoil and entertain You.  i know that i am beneath You and any contact that i have with You is a generous gift.  Thank You Goddess for Your kindness.  
-Your sissy bitch mark

LM:  You have to be getting sick of my loser ass by now.(i hope that i am not wearing out my welcome)  i had to do a little shopping for You on amazon.  Your email about wanting me to by another dildo for my ass is outstanding. It really got me excited today.  i see that You are off today so i wanted to make sure You are spoiled.  You deserve to take as much time off as You desire because You are the perfect Goddess.  i am here for Your needs.

-I decided to hang out and watch some tv (something I never do at night  lol)  so signing on and seeing all those credits to my account was a nice surprise:)
good job bitch boy:)   I'm glad you like the smaller cock for your ass idea -- cause I can't wait to see it!

LM:  The further you push me to go the more submissive i become.  Every time You go past a "limit" i just feel the need to worship You more.  i am glad that liked the suprise of the money i spent on You.  It definitely won't be the last time You get spoiled while watching TV or hanging out with friends.  i can't wait to have two "cocks" at once... especially if You get a kick out of it.  i guess it is okay to spoil and email You while You are away... i am worried that i would start to annoy You.  i can't wait to see what You have in store for me going forward.  i feel myself losing any self control and being 100% YOUR sissy bitch.

He told me he was going on vacation for 2 weeks, but would be back to serve me as soon as he returns...
Then he paid for another $30 pedicure tribute...
LM:  For you so Your perfect feet will stay that way while i am gone

-how many pedi's are you up to loser boy? :)
I see you also bought the floor lamp, that is great :)

LM:  That is 5 pedicures (i think) and 1 night out with the girls!  yeah i'm Your bitch

-I knew how many ... I just wanted to make you say it ;)

LM:  Those perfect feet deserve to be pampered, You deserve to be Spoiled and Worshipped, and i deserve to be abused and humiliated! :)

-so true!  and you have no idea how much I enjoy doing those 2 things to you :)

Then he sent a $25 tribute:
i was reading all of the feedback that i have on Your pages today.  If someone saw how much feedback i left they might think that i am addicted to YOU.  they'd be right!  You treat me like a little bitch and put me in my place at Your feet and i am grateful for that.  Sucking a big black dick for You was exciting, but now being tag teamed puts me over the edge.  All i know is the more extreme You get with me the more i need to submit and spoil.  i can only imagine what it will be like the next time i have a chance to call YOU.  
-Your sissy bitch mark

-there's a toy I thought of today -- that I thought would be VERY entertaining to make you use on cam.... I'll tell you what it is when you get back from vacation...  I'll have to do some searching online for it tonight ;)

LM:  You've done it again! You have got my little cock hard.  i can't wait to get back from vacation now!  i haven't the slightest idea what it could be, but i am overcome with excitement and anticipation.