January 20th, 2008

(no subject)

-Saturday night LD called...  he tries so hard to stay away.... but  he just can't help it... he always comes back;)  I kept him on the phone for an hour while he kept giving me more and more info on him;)

-Drew called my cam line for some tease and denial;)

-Mike called for a fun hour long cam call:)

-I had a new Keen caller..."Mikey" called and left really nice feedback:)

-Before sox/Loser Mark left for a 3 week Vacation he bought more presents from my wish list, sent some tributes, and bought my pictures (again:)

LM: i have to leave feedback before i leave.  i want to do anything that i can to serve You, and i haven't paid off these pictures yet!  So bitch boy must keep on paying!

LM: bought the same pics (again) -- by now You know what is coming...i already bought this set a couple of times, but i still don't think that You have received fair market value.  yes i am whipped!  
-Your sissy Bitch mark

he sent a tribute... then sent another one cause he thought the first one didn't go through (but it did)
LM:  i thought i sent this, but couldn't find it in my sent mail section.  i had to respond the the jerk that left negative feedback on Your blog.  i need to send a tribute to cleanse myself of his filth.
-sissy Bitch mark

i hope that i have made it that You will miss me as much (okay not as much) as i will miss You. i am looking forward to when i get back and we have a wild cam session!  i can't wait for the money shot! LOL