January 21st, 2008

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 Thanks JJ for the Valentine's garden flag and the camera cases:)

I had a new caller "Johnny" tonight... looking to be tricked into sucking cock and being tea bagged.

Another new caller "Cuck Craig" told me stories of how he'd get those big black cocks ready for his girlfriend.

Mike called again tonight for an hour long cam call :) 

LDallas was back again for another fun cam call ;)

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 I'm  on NiteFlirt and Keen early today ----  then I'll be back on again tonight. They're playing a rebroadcast of an old Howard Stern show on Sirius (the one where they mention JD spending thousands on Keen.com...  so I figured I might as well sign on since A LOT of people will be looking up the web site today ;)

I just signed on a little bit ago and  already had 2 new callers:)