January 22nd, 2008

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JJ  was back tonight... yesterday he bought some wish list presents..  today he emailed me begging me to take some pic in my Hooters tank top....  I replied:  ok Loser...  send me $200  and I'll find the shirt and take a couple pics.... I didn't think he would, but a minute later my account was credited :)  Loser  JJ had to pay $200, but I think I'll post them here for FREE! lol haha loser ;)

((behind me on the wall there's 2 charicatures of me (and Pat Burrell) from Phillies games I went to, wonder how long it will be before someone tries to report me to NiteFlirt saying it might be kids in the drawling!))

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-Just finished a 2 hour cam call with "MrHappy JC".....   he loves flirting with the idea of me completely ruining him:)
I let him off easy tonight though...  as long as he calls or tributes $50 a week (Sunday at 9pn is the cut off time), then I won't have to emails his friends, neighbors, and co-workers:)

-loser leo called my cam line for more humiliation.

-A new caller "Tony"  called my cam line for some tease and denial ;)

-Another new caller "lil dick dave"  told me all about his love of sucking cock, his girfriend brings home a guy to fuck (even a tranny one time)... lil dick dave is always ready and willing to get him hard and he a cum slut cleanup boy afterwards.

-Loser Mike from Chicago sent a little tribute....   I know you're a loser, but you'll have to do better than that Mike!!!!!

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JD was back yesterday ....  he usually sends me some tributes, deletes his account, then shows up a month later....

I keep trying to resist you but can't help coming back. It would be an honour for me to pay a bill of yours every month for example to pay for your makeup every month. I can't resist you. I think you are beautiful and you should not have to pay your own bills.
I would love it if you blackmailed me to do this every month, for example I could give you some email addresses and if I don't pay for your makeup at the end of the month you could send information about my activites to these email addresses.
Please contact me, goddess."

so I sent him a $30 pay-to-view mail:
I want to get a lot of info on you -- and make SURE you keep paying every month!

JD: It was my honour princess.