February 7th, 2008

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 Guess who's back.....?

sox/Loser Mark  after traveling for a few weeks, he got home today and emailed me right away:)

*Hope you had a great trip....  but I know you'll have an even better time getting right back to being My Bitch!!
Get those dildos ready cock sucker!!

sox/LM: Hi i just got home today after 29 hours of traveling... aaaggghh
               layovers suck!  15 hours total on a plane sucks!
               talk to You later

Yes loser... you're right -- 29 hours of traveling sucks, 15 hours on a plane sucks too, 
but nothing sucks as hard as you do when you've got a big fat black cock in your mouth!

sox/LM:   i am such a  lucky loser.    i love it!      i missed the abuse 

*Good, because I have plenty to give;)

sox/LM:  that is good because after such a long vacation i need to be put back in my place... 
               at Your perfect feet worshipping You.  You got me hard already.  You truly should be worshipped!

**Then he bought me a new handbag from my Wishlist:)

Loser Mike from Chicago emailed me today....
Loser Mike:  hi my beautiful princess
                       i was just stroking to some gay porn 

* I updated my wish list.... go buy that garden flag I added last night for you.

Loser Mike: i bought it for you princess.  you know i am helpless without you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                      i need to serve you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam a natural born loser