February 13th, 2008

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 I've been getting a lot of emails asking when I'm going to update my journal....  it's only been a few days boys lol
But... here I am...

1HotBoy has been sending big tributes every night and calling at least a couple times a night all week... such a good pussy boy;)

My Mikey called my cam line the past 3 nights in a row for an hour - hour and a half each time. 

sox/Loser Mark has been opening every pay mail I send him like a good loser.
*mark...the handbag you bought me came today -- thanks loser;)

Loser Mike from Chicago seems to be watching more and more gay porn every day.  I know he dreams of being a cock sucker like the guys in the videos;)

I had a new caller tonight.. "MG"  at first I thought he just wanted to chat.. he kept asking me a lot of questions about my day...
So I told him, dropped off my dog at the groomers, did some shopping at Petco, went to the nail salon, and then to dinner & Happy Hour with a couple friends.   He asked how much I spent today... and I jokingly said... Why are you going to pay for it?   and he said...
Yes Princess, it would be an honor to take care of all your expenses....
yay... I always love a new money $lave:)
Petco : ($147.) grooming, toys, treats, and a couple little outfits for my dogs (yes I'm one of those people who dress up their dogs)
French manicure: ($30)
Dinner/Drinks with Friends: ($90) -he wanted to pay for my friends too;)
 $267 Tribute plus a 30 minute call -- you're off to a good start MG;)

Tank emailed me today - I sent him a $30 fine  for taking 2 days to open my other pay mails.
He opened and replied saying he was sorry, it won't happen again etc... and that he can't stop jerking off  thinking about all the mean things I say to him in the pay mails... he also asked:
tank:  i have this problem with watching porn with guys that have big ones you kno, does that mean im a loser??
I sent him another $30 pay-to-view reply   that I'm sure we all know the answer to ;)

Little Dick Larry was back... he tried to tell me I'm wrong.. 3 1/2 inches is a GOOD size cock... lol  he's so cute... I got a good laugh from that.  I said your thin 3 1/2 inches is like the size of my lipgloss tube.. you're not pleasing anyone with that!  I got the tape measure and measured my lipgloss to show him just how tiny his lil guy really is:)ld.jpg picture by belladaisy27

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 Taking ALL your Money - $50 at a time...$Financial$ Ruin!


My $50. / min line is off to an amazing start...
My Mikey  called tonight... staying on for 20 minutes!!!
It was so much fun getting him worked up and begging for more:)

Just finished a 3 hour cam call with JC - so much fun getting him worked up,  calmed down, and worked back up again for hours:)

Sucker Scott called tonight...  sending more Target gift cards...he needs me to take all his money:)

1HotBoy back again to call and tribute:)

Tank opened his $30 pay-to-view answering his question...
i have this problem with watching porn with guys that have big ones you know does that mean im a loser??"
--- YES!!! ---- it makes you a little dick faggot loser!!!!    you'll probably go jerk off after reading this, thinking about more big cocks!  **you'll never be the hot stud with a huge cock in the videos loser!
tank: thank you goddess for clearing that up for me, i definitely cannot stop jacking off to the things you tell me on here. I saw that pic on your journal and im sitting here with a boner with precum cumming out of my dick please i would like to know what would you want me to do to amuse you.

Scottie IMed me today asking me to send him a $20 pay mail... 
$20 pay-to-view:
know what's funny.....?
you Thanked me for taking $20 from you.  LOL

scottie: I just want to make you happy.

$30 pay-to-view: $20 was nice... but
another $30 would make Me very happy :)