February 16th, 2008

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 My English Loser is back again.....   begging me to ruin him and email all of his ex girlfriends...
He's sent over $330 in tributes so far tonight as I humiliate him:)


I sent tank a $30 pay-to-view  replying to his last email where he said:
 "saw that pic on your journal and im sitting here with a boner with precum cumming out of my dick "
$30 ptv: Good...since I'm sure you're stroking it RIGHT NOW....  squeeze out all that precum and lick it up cock sucker!
I know you've been dreaming of big cocks... maybe you'll be sucking one soon???
What do you think???
tank: "goddess you were right about that and i have been dreaming about a women making me do that and treating me like her peeon i dont know why i feel this way your pics are absolutely perfect. It just looks like someone cut you out of a slab of perfection. I would do anything you would have me do to amuse and serve you"

Loser Neal called tonight....  I made the little dick loser send me a $40 Tribute for "blue balls" lol 

My Mikey called again tonight...  he's called almost every night this week for an hour and a half cam call:)  I was surprised to hear from him after his $1,000  ($50/min ) call Wed. night...  but he just can't stay away;)

1HotBoy called and sent more "kiss ass funds" .... he's the perfect loyal pussy boy;)

MG was back tonight -- the caller who paid for all of my expenses Wed. night...  he sent me an email and bought a book from my Amazon Wishlist.

more presents arrived today....   thanks boys;)

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