February 17th, 2008

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 Saturday night "Lozer" was back....  I kept him on the phone for an hour, on his knees, being humiliated,  teased and denied....  First I made him send a $30 (pedicure) Tribute just for being a 30 year old virgin loser,  then while keeping him on the edge - I made him pay my $50 (Night out with the girls) Tribute.  While making him stroke faster and faster I had him pay my $70 (cell phone bill) Tribute before letting him finish.  He thanked me for using him and after I hung up he sent a lil tribute of $11.15 ((draining his account:))

My English Loser was back again Sunday night for 3 hours of humiliation and over $300 in tributes:)  I was nice enough to take down his pics from my journal though:)

A blast from the past Dave called tonight.  We haven't talked in a couple years, but right away I knew I recognized his voice;)