February 25th, 2008

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 I decided to come on NF early today .....I haven't been on as much as usual lately because I've had plans with friends and all the construction I'm having done to my house (just about every room in my house is being remodeled (thanks to all my loyal callers $$$$;)  
I'm on now (5pm eastern) till about 2:30am....   
Tuesday the workers will be here late so I won't be able to get on NF till about 9:30.

My first caller of the night was "Scott" he called about a month ago and I warned him that I can be very addicting and he WILL be calling back.  Well here he is...back for more tease and denial....   I made him pay for my $30 Pedicure Tribute before letting him call....just because I can;)

Right after that my Original Loser Mark called...    I haven't heard from him in a while because he can only call before 6 and I'm hardly ever on that early....   just as I was about to email him - telling him to grab a pastry and call...my phone rang... and it was Loser Mark calling from his car about to go into a gas station and do a lil shopping with a big erection:)   I listened as he went into the store, bought Pink Snowballs, and made his way to the restroom...  it was being occupied and I teased Mark asking him if he thought there was another guy in there jerking off into a cupcake???  FLO650C48033480.jpg picture by belladaisy27 He went in, opened up the pink cream filled cakes and started humping away... it wasn't long before he filled it up and ate it;)  FUCKING LOSER....welcome back;)  lol

9 PM : "Scott" has been back 4 times so far tonight.... and I KNOW he'll be back later tonight ;)

Dave stopped by for a fun lil chat.

Jim called and needed to be reminded why his wife cuckolds him.