February 27th, 2008

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 I told you I was a hard habit to break...

Anything Goes2/26/2008Baci3025 starsDonna is so deep into my mind and understands me so well . . . she knows how to push my buttons better than anyone on NF. Highly addictive.
Anything Goes2/8/2008tankmech5 starsI cant get enough!!! 

Fem Dommes2/19/2008tankmech5 starsShe is so addicting!!!! 

Feminization2/25/2008mikemjd245 starsPrincess knows exactly what I need. She has me addicted! The BEST!!! 

Mistresses2/25/2008jasonk20075 starsfantastic as always. beautiful, smart, and addictive. i cant get enough of this beautiful sexy woman. 
Anything Goes2/20/2008mikemjd245 starsDonna is so HOT! I can't resist her! She will get you addicted!!! 
Other2/13/2008mikemjd245 starsDonna is so beautiful... I can't resist her, I HAD to call her at $50/min... she kept me on for 20 minutes teasing and denying my cock. I'm addicted 

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 My Foot Slave was back again late last night...he got up out of bed while his girlfriend was sleeping and called quietly from his kitchen.  He told me how earlier that night they had some friends over for a game of Poker.  While pretending to be taking pics with his camera phone of his dog....he was really taking pics of his friend's girlfriend's boots.  Oh how he would love to be down on the floor licking her boots!   I told him to go lick his gf's dirty shoes before going back to bed;)


LD called and thought he could get away with only staying on the phone for 17 minutes....   he tried to make an excuse about how his mother was clicking in on the other line and since it was real late he should call her back.  Normally I make his mom wait about an hour before letting him get off the phone because of course.... I come first!  I gave him 3 minutes to talk to her and then I sent him an email reminding him that I control him, he can't help but do whatever I say, and he called right back;)


I've been extra busy on the phone, thank you for arranging calls...  I had 23 calls on Monday:)   Tuesday was kinda slow though... only 7 calls... but that was ok because my 1HotBoy was there to make up for it... he's really been outdoing himself with his nightly tributes.  I couldn't ask for a better slave boy;)


Tank has been opening every pay mail I send him...  they were originally $30, but I've been making them $40 and $50 lately and he still opens them right away and thanks me for letting him know what a dirty cock sucking whore I know he is:)  Tank belongs on his knees and he thanks me for reminding him that;)

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Well look who's back already;)  After calling 6 times Monday night  I really didn't expect to hear from Scott until...oh maybe Thursday or Friday ???  but no... as soon as I signed on NiteFlirt  here he is.. back for more Tease & Denial:)

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 A new caller tonight...Ken, he may be 66 , but I still had him on his knees;)  He told me he came across my listing and just wanted to chat for a couple minutes to see what I was all about.  Well I had different plans for Ken...   it wasn't long before I took control of his cock and made him beg for release.  We got the 1 minute warning and he thought that meant I would let him go.... NOPE... I made him add more money and come back and beg some more.  He said he had to get to the store and do some errands before his wife got home, but I wasn't listening... I told him again.. I OWN his Cock and Balls now...after teasing him some more (and someone possibly walking in) I let him go;)
Then another new caller...Beau... the lil dick 22 yr old called for some SPH.... he stuck his tiny dick in a toilet paper roll... no matter how much he tried to make it bigger  that little thing is never going to get thicker.... he's just gonna have to accept the fact that he's a tiny pencil dick, half a man;)
Ninja Chris is back and ready to suck his first cock next week on Spring Break in Florida... he called me asking some advice on how to give a great blow job and what he should wear.  
Loser Neal sent a $40 tribute while I made him stroke stroke stroke....  he wanted blue balls for Donna ;)
Panty boy Craig called... wearing pink satin and lace  ruffled panties his WIFE bought him...  he has such a tiny dick he belongs in panties! 
My Mikey called tonight... another fun hour long cam call with his Princess;)