March 7th, 2008

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 Chicago Mikey was back again last night (not to be confused with Loser Mike from Chicago;))  he's called 3 times so far this week. 
3/2/20085 omg we talked a LOT about how her boyfriend's cock is SO much bigger than mine...he is a REAL man, and im just a little dick boi...;-)
3/5/20085 omg this Goddess OWNS me!
3/6/20085 thank GOD her boyfriend isn't on Nite Flirt with her...I would be sooooooo intimidated...he's a REAL man, and i'm just a little dick loser (lol)

Another little dick ~ Ian called last night and I kept him on the phone for an hour and a half teasing him and turning him into a cock sucking cum slut.

I had another fun hour long cam call with My Mikey md;)

A new caller SpartySam called my cam line for a lil over an hour...he'd to whatever it takes to worship his Princess;)

Another new caller ~ Zak needed to be punished for getting caught with a pair of his co-workers panties...  a half hour cbt, tease and denial session with rope, rubber bands, clothes pins, and a a leather belt taught him a lesson;)

A drive by  tributer - Jim -started buying all my pictures, so I sent him an email:
   -I see you bought something else....  that's right jim, go right down the list are start buying more and more ;)

jim:  anything for you mistress

-Keep going !

jim:  yes mistress. I am here to please you

-you're doing an "ok" job so far, but I think you need to try harder....

so he paid my $30 pedicure tribute and opened more pay to view mails...

I call him a drive by  because he ones of those guys who never call...  they just send a bunch of tributes, then close their account.

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 First call of the night...  look who's back...
3/7/2008chicago mikey5 starsUm, yeah...I've called her three times this week. So I decided I wouldn't call her again until Saturday. Then I thought, well...I won't call her again until LATE tonight. The I thought...I HAVE to call her right now. Seriously, her once and you'll enjoy her twice, and you'll be will be out of your control (i speak from experience).