March 15th, 2008

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 The night started off with Chicago Mikey's arranged call...  he was calling from a hotel room, waiting for his "wrestling partner" to get there.  I can just picture him now in his gay little wrestling tights, lol    He called me after the guy left, but it wasn't much of a match...  basically Mikey waited for him like a good bitch, wrestled for a few minutes, then got to work on his knees where he belongs.  

Loser N called tonight...  I wasn't planning on letting him call cause he wasted my time a few weeks ago (asking for a pay to view mail, then didn't open it)  After he paid the $30 Pay-to-view mail I let him call my cam line  at $4.99/min:)  

$4.99 was such a good rate I made Kirt pay it too:)
Mistresses3/14/2008 5 starsI just paid $5 a minute just to see the beautiful goddess in her Hooters T-shirt. And she probably should have charged twice that. What a perfect beauty. 


Cuckoldberry has been going crazy not being able to open the other pics I took for him last night...
he just opened the second pic now...
tg-wfCuckJay4-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27
thank you soo much are so perceptive i just took 20 from her debit to pay for this, dont know how ill explain it but that doesnt are all that does...i needed this...i hope the finger is for me is my fav one.

*so desperate to open my pics we're using her $$$  now too:)  

yes we are goddess...i cant help it...i couldnt wait for the confirmaqtion any longer. i love being your cocksucking moneypigg...please goddess tell me how much of a loser i am

Anything Goes3/14/2008cuckoldberry finn5 starsi love this goddess, i owed her and applied for a credit card to be just for her (my donnacard) but got tired of waiting for the reply so i "borrowed" 20 from my wifes account, it was dumb and but sooo worth it for goddess especially since she always interrupts us...her money is goddesses too.  

Oh look who's back....  Kirt is back for more teasing at $4.99/min:)

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 Cukoldberry just sent me an email:

Subject: i am such a loser for goddess
so we went out for drinks for st pattys day (my wife and our friends) and goddess was all i could think about. I pretended i was sick so here I am its 930 pm i just got back from the bar my wife is out and I need a donnafix bad. i need that 3rd pic goddess....i need to cum...i need to be your cashpig loser.

So I sent him another pay-to-view with a pic attached... this time for $30.
tgCuckJay3.jpg picture by belladaisy27

cuckoldberry:  10 dollars more than b4....fuck i love your mind...i just left feedback immediately like you like, you have me trained well, i love being goddesses loser

3/15/2008cuckoldberry finn5 starsi used to think 20 dollars for a 2 hour porno tape was expensive but i can honestly say that was the best 70 dollars i have spent on 3 pictures in my entire life. if you are a loser like i used to be browsing goddesses pages and wanking your loser dick dreaming about calling or tributing but too afraid to go through with it i give you my word it is well worth it. do not even think just obey, it is bliss, it is ecstasy it is ownership by goddess donna 

  c :  am i allowed to cum now goddess?

-NO...  BUT you can keep stroking it ;)

c :   o
h come? i thought i just had to buy the pics
ps. my damn fat bitch wife just called she will be home in like 10-15 mins...can i call till then? i have to hear u tell me what a loser i am

-sure loser.. you can CALL

((and he did... we talked / I humiliated him right up until his wife pulled up to the house))...but he still doesn't get to cum;)

3/15/2008cuckoldberry finn5 starsthere is nothing quite like knowing that goddess owns you. there is no greater pleasure than to hear her call you a pay piggy and make you oink for her. she owns me and shes knows it. she said i could cum if i paid her but after said i still couldn't... she owns me and she knows it, she knows i will stay hard and chaste as long as she requires. it is a privilege to by denied by her, you should be so lucky, pay her now and you might just be lucky enough to find out for yourself just how great it is to be owned by her. the best part is knowing that the pics i paid for she posted for everyone else to see for free, fuck i love her beautiful mind and how it controls me oink for goddess