March 17th, 2008

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 Zak called back tonight...  after the intense cbt call we did last time, I thought he might be afraid to call back;)  He told me about another fantasy he has and I had fun teasing him till he couldn't take it anymore;)
5 starsWow. Had me stroking so long my arm was aching... and she still didn't give me permission to come! :) 

After that My Mikey called for an hour  call;)
 5 starsGoddess Donna is so beautiful and powerful, I want to give her everything 

Tiny pp Matt called my cam line for a lil humiliation...
5 starsDonna is the best. She is classy, sexy and most of all intelligent. Any man would be lucky to be with her 
I guess once wasn't enough because he called back again 4 hours later;)

I had a few  new callers tonight... a couple sissy sluts, a couple lil dick losers, 
and Ian in Germany who did just what my listing says: Put on your pantyhose and call!

Late last night Cuckoldberry emailed me:
"oh fuck goddess i need to cum so bad...what did i do? how come i cant spit my sissy juice? i cant sleep at all i need to cum so bad.
ps. if u are still awake please email me back tellling me what a loser i am and what im good for...please, i  need to hear it bad"

*I replied tonight:  so tell me loser...  how long has it been since you came??????

around 4 days, 100 hours or so goddess, oh fuck in need to cum sooo bad, please let me...pleeessse????....please tell me what a loser i am and what i am good for, i havent heard it all day, i am dying to have you degrade me

*I replied with a $10 pay-to-view.... his feedback says it all...
cuckoldberry finn5 starsso goddess hasnt let me cum in over 100 hours even though i have done everthing she has asked. just opened another ppv entitled "cum" it reads as follows... "you didn't think this was your cum fee did you? GOOD..cause it's NOT! keep stroking you worthless little dick cock sucking loser!!!!!!!" fuck i love this goddess, i am your worthless cocksucking money paypig loser goddess...i will never cum again if that is your will do yourself a favor and pay this goddess today 
C: thank you goddess...i just left feedback, hope you like it....i love hearing you tell me what a loser i am and what i am good for

I stopped replying to his emails...

C: goddess please, please, please tell me how you are gonna use and abuse me when i get my tax refund/donnacard
i am begging you pleaasseee, i am such a loser and i need to know about my future life of servitude to you. please tell me how you plan on using me and fucking me over for your...please goddess i am soooo hard and desperate and need to know how you plan on taking advantage of me.

**I would have answered sooner... but it's fun to watch you beg;)   pathetic loser!

omg....goddesss you have such a beautifully cruel know that i am in complete torment and do not care the least...fuck i love you  i am literally on my knees begging and pleading goddess...pleeease tell me.....pleaaasssseeee

**I sent another pay-to-view email, but...
C: sorry goddess...hate to be such a loser but i just put 50 in my account last night and it has now completely drained by you, i actually hoped to call with that last 10 ...i convinced the fat bitch to spot me 50 for "bills" yesterday... tomorrow is monday and I expect my donnacard sometime this week. i can take more from my wifes account if that is what you require but it is risky...but you own my mind and money so the decision is yours.

i wiill do most anything to remain your loser.... and to hear or read you calling me your loser and telling me your plans for me and what im good for

my other cc wouldnt up the limit but the donnacard should come any day. and of course there is my impending tax refund...the wife was actually talking about what "we" were gonna use it for...if only she knew
damn i guess i will never get to cum :(

**that's ok LOSER.... you'll just have to wait to read it;)
somebody should tell your wife she's not going to see very much of that tax return...  I'm sure you have way better plans for it;)
I'm excited about the Donna card... I'm REALLY going to use and humiliate you then! :)
keep stroking... no cumming.........

C: u are right goddess i--- i mean WE have much better plans for it dont we?
oh fuck goddess i cannot wait  and i will open the mail as soon as possible as i am sure you already knew.... please tell me how you are gonna use and humiliate me...
i will stroke forever without cumming goddess if you want me too...
please tell me how you plan to use and humiliate me pleassseeee
please tell me...i am sooo desperate to know

I see a lot of blue balls, pay-to-view games, little dick stroking, and humiliating assignments in your future loser;)

C: oh fuck yessss goddess please tell me more, tell me what a loser pig i am gonna be for you......fuck my mind is going crazy

OINK for me $piggy!

C:  omg...that is the most beautiful i have ever read my loser cock hurts sooo bad right n is literally twitching.
i am oinking as loud as i can goddess just like on the phone the other night
$piggy loves oinking for goddess
im a such a are gonna have such fun draining me...i cant wait
oh fuck please tell me how you are gonna drain me dry 


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Chicago Mikey left a journal comment:
cuckoldberry, you are really whipped!  i thought i was bad, but whoa!  what would happen if ur wife found out?
chicago mikey

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JJ  bought a book from my wishlist  and my blackmail bitch Ryan sent an Amazon gift card that I bought a new cd with tonight;)

Loser Mike from Chicago is worshipping his Princess while his wife is asleep.  I made him send a $20 tribute while he writes a new poem.
 5 starsmy princess is 1 of a kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pay per email is what i needed for my weekly fix. she leads i follow-- 1000000000 stars