March 21st, 2008

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 Thursday night started out with my Sucker Scott calling so I could take more of his money;)

Then Chicago Mikey called... to tell me more about  his humiliating wrestling adventures.  He's such a weak ( little dick) loser, he doesn't stand a chance;) 
chicago mikey5 starsomg we had SUCH a great talk last night...we talked about one of my fav subjects, which is how her boyfriend is a REAL man (what else would you expect, being with a princess like Donna?), and i am NOT a real man at was soooooo humiliating and fun...i would follow this girl to the ends of the earth (lol) 


1Hot Boy called a couples times and sent a nice tribute:)

LD called last night... he's been trying very hard to stay away...  but in the end.. he knows he needs me.   He can't say no to me... when I tell him to drink.. he does... when I tell him to give me more info on him, he does... and when I tell him to add more money to his account... he knows he has to:)

Tank, my cuckold loser sent a $100 tribute begging me to humiliate him some more.  I wrote him an email letting him know what I think he'd be good for...  I woke up this morning to see he sent another 100:)

*Loser Mike from Chicago : the flip flops you got me came today.. thanks lil dick;)

(no subject)

I haven't  mentioned Loser Mark in a while... (the one who humps pastries in gas station bathrooms, lol)   I usually get on too late for him to call, but tonight he emailed me...  he really needed to be humiliated by me, but his wife was home.   Like so many of my married losers, he was going to sneak down to the basement to call me.. but we decided to do a bunch of $5, 10, and $15 pay-to-view emails instead.

Here are a few of his emails so you can see just how pathetic Mark really is...
LM:  i can't take this...i am such a loser....I need to go in the basement and call... I am going to explode any second
LM:  i will cum with the laptop on my cock if that makes you happy...I won't tell me

LM:  i have a baggie wrapped around my cock so there will be no cum on my boxers if you order me to cum by rubbing this warm laptop over my cock
LM:  oh god..i want to shoot...promise i'll eat my cum out of the baggie...please let me cum

Loser Mike from Chicago changed his name to: BellaDaisyFan... and bought me a lipstick from  my wishlist:)   
He's about to slip on his purple satin panties, his "fuck me" pumps, and  tie rubber bands around his little dick and fight for my attention through pay-to-view mails.
He came up with the idea to have a little competition with my other Loser from Chicago (Mikey)  
We're going to play some pay-to-view  mail games to see who the biggest Chicago loser is;)

** So the emails started with a few for $5...  then I raised them to $7.50  because if you combine Chicago Mikey's 3 1/2 inches with Loser Mike's 4... you get 7 1/2 inches of loser dick;)

I sent a bunch of pay-to-view emails until Loser Mike couldn't take it anymore and had to call;)

***Journal Comment from Chicago Mikey:
Subject: Biggest Chicago loser?
all i can say is that with a teeny, tiny dicklet of only 3 1/2 inches (that's not a typo, it's really that small!) in the world can anyone be a bigger loser than i am? (lol) At 4 inches, Loser Mike is a STUD compared to me (lol again)...what do you think, Princess Daisy?