March 26th, 2008

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 Scotty called last night... he hasn't called lately since Keen and NiteFlirt split, but he made a new account on NiteFlirt and called for about an hour.  We talked for a little while and started to run out of things to say...  I said if you get quiet on me, I'm just going to start taking more money from you.  I guess he liked that idea cause he sent a $30 Pedicure Tribute;)

Loser Neal stopped by for some quick humiliating, blue ball teasing and sent a $60 Tribute:)

I sent Loser Mark another pay-to-view mail teasing him....
He sent a tribute that said
you are killing me....... 


Then he emailed me this morning:
went to bed rock hard, woke up rock hard, and I am still rock hard waiting for you>>

Chicago Mikey called 4 times last night.  Mikey's dreaming of public humiliation. 
I had him call my friend Brad (Master Brad) for even more humiliation.
By now you should know Mikey is a weak little dick cock sucking loser with a tiny 3 1/2 inch clitty stick.
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3/25/2008     chicago mikey   5 starsso this is the third time i called tonite to ask Donna how i should best humiliate myself for her...yeah, i'd say i'm HOOKED!...(lol) 
3/25/2008     chicago mikey   5 starsi think i forgot to mention that my humiliation is going to take place in PUBLIC! yikes! 
3/25/2008     chicago mikey   5 starsomg, the most humiliating thing...Princess Donna is planning to make me humiliate myself in front of her manly friend Brad...eek!