April 18th, 2008

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The computer monitor Lion bought me arrived today...  I told him there was no way I was letting him cum until I got the monitor, but I'm having so much fun making him weak and taking his money... I might make him wait a couple more days;)

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 LD called tonight..he's so addicted he can't stay away... I kept him on the phone for 70 minutes while reminding him just how much he needs me;)

Lion called, I made him send $60 in tributes and buy 2 pairs of sunglasses from my wishlist.... as he was begging to cum, his wife walked in and ruined it..  that's ok - I wasn't going to let him finish tonight anyway;)

I had an interesting chat with Chicago Mikey aka Shelley today....
((he has a fantasy about getting his little dick trapped in my cleavage))

Bella:    shelley ? 
hi Princess
Bella:    what r u up to  
Hoopsrv:    not much...u?
Bella:    on the phone    brb 
Hoopsrv:    Princess, i wanna put my dick in-between ur bee-yoo-ti-ful boobs...is that ok w/you?
Bella:    LOL  but that little thing would get lost ;) 
Hoopsrv:    no way it'd get lost...i know my way around a set of huge jugs like yours
Bella:    sure you do;) 
Hoopsrv:    i swear, just let me put it in there...you won't regret it!
Hoopsrv:    okay, here goes...Mmmpf...man, that feels good...can u feel it?
Bella:    what ? 
Bella:    not at all 
Hoopsrv:    wait, let me do it harder...Uggghmf!...now can u feel it?
Bella:    nope 
Hoopsrv:    uh, oh...something's wrong...let me pull it out for a minute
Hoopsrv:    um, Princess...can u please let me pull my cock out? it think it's stuck between your boobs
Bella:    no that's ok 
Hoopsrv:    Unngggggghhh! no matter how hard i try, i can't get it out!!!
Hoopsrv:    i'm starting to get a little scared <whimper>...Princess, can i PLEASE have my cock back?
Bella:    lol 
Bella:    no 
Hoopsrv:    <whimper-sniffle> Princess, it REALLY hurts...what do i have to say or do to get my cock back?
Bella:    tell me what a little dick sissy bitch you are 
Hoopsrv:    <blush> you're not gonna print this on ur journal page are u?
Bella:    how can I not ? 
Hoopsrv:    oh, no!  how humiliating?  i think i'll take my chances and try to yank my cock out...
Hoopsrv:    UNGHHH!...
Hoopsrv:    omg...still stuck! owie owie owie!!!
Hoopsrv:    okay, Princess, you win! i am a little dick sissy bitch! <whimper>...can i have my cock (i mean little dick) back now?
Bella:    lol 
Bella:    I always win silly ;) and we both already knew what you are;) 
Hoopsrv:    <whimper, whimper, sniffle> :-(
Hoopsrv:    okay, Princess, you have totally humiliated me...but my little clitty stick still seems to be lost in your cleavage...
Hoopsrv:    what am i supposed to do now?
Hoopsrv:    am i supposed to leave without my dick?
Hoopsrv:    okay, Princess...i am slinking away without my little clitty stick...i hope no one finds out about this...and i hope your journal page doesn't get too many hits tonite :-(
Bella:    lol 
Hoopsrv:    bye-bye for now, Princess (i wonder why my voice just went up an octave-and-a-half?)...
Bella:    lol 
Hoopsrv:    <whimper>

 4/19/2008chicago mikey5 starsOne of my longest non-stop talks with Princess...we looked and looked and looked for my tiny, lost dicklet, but we couldn't find it :-( Guess my Shelley persona might become a permanent thing now <giggle>