April 30th, 2008

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 More wishlist presents arrived:)
005-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27
The red platform heels are from my adoring Foot $lave Nick
Lion bought the bathroom set: shower curtain, trash can, and toothbrush holder, he also bought the wedge sandals.  The sunglasses and black heels I bought with one of his Amazon gift cards.

Loser Mark emailed me last night...
LM: whats up Princess?
-just taking calls and answering a bunch of NF emails...   you?
LM: not much...watching the Mets...any good calls yet??
-no, I just signed on...  want to be the first?;)
LM: I wish!!!!
-well how are we going to humiliate you tonight
LM: don't know...you are the cruel one in this relationship...so you tell me
- I am aren't I ;)   start rubbing that laptop loser;)
LM: yes ma'am
(((incase you don't know.. Loser Mark has been know to hump pastries in public restrooms, A LOT, but lately he's been emailing me from home...  so his new thing is rubbing his loser dick on his warm laptop then cumming into a Ziplock baggie.)))
$5. pay-to-view: a baggie is too easy...
what else do you have available?

LM: fuck I am so hard....anything you can think of in my house
$5. pay-to-view: you know you have to eat it so...
how bout a hot dog bun, or cream filled cupcake?

LM: how about I put the cupcake in the baggie and fuck it

$5. pay-to-view: suonds good...
what kind is it?... I want to picture just how pathetic you're being right now ;) lol
LM: chocolate with white filling...soon to be more white filling...
$5. pay-to-view: start humping LOSER!   lol

LM: fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to cum now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gonna sneak a call in a minute...I hope????????
$5. pay-to-view: WAIT!!!!!!!!
you can cum when you call loser;)
LM: trying to...................
**he called a couple minutes later.. hiding in the basement, whispering....while I laughed at him for showing me what a big loser he is once again:)

After that I signed off of NiteFlirt to do a cam2cam session with one of my non-Niteflirt $$laves...
I spent a couple hours with my London Loser... I made him send $500. while he was on cam humiliating himself for my entertainment.  I took a bunch of pictures to post on here, but at the end of the call he begged me to take them down and delete them.  I took them down, but of course I didn't delete them... never know when he'll be in the mood for more humiliation...  I'm guessing a week or 2 and he'll be back to do it all over again;)

Tanline bought a pair of earrings from my wishlist last night.

Chicago Mikey aka Shelley also bought a present for me...and found something for my boyfriend too. LOL

Mistresses4/28/2008chicago mikey5 starsi can NOT stop buying things for Princess (books, lip gloss, t-shirts)...she is sooooo in my head! If you call her, she'll be in yours, too! 
Mistresses4/23/2008chicago mikey5 starsi sooooooo wanna dress up like a Hooters girl and serve drinks to Princess's bf and all his studly friends...i wonder what other "service" i'll be forced to provide? <giggle>