May 7th, 2008

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Loser Neal was back last night.. I made him say  stroke and pay, stroke and pay, Blue Balls for Donna  while sending $50 Tributes.
Lion snuck online while his wife was in the next room.  He couldn't take the chance of edging for me... but that didn't stop me from taking a $150 Amazon gift certificate and a few presents from my wish list.lod.jpg picture by belladaisy27
My loser Brandon was whining about being behind on his bills, but that really doesn't concern me - I made him send a $20 Tribute - then another when he told me the story of how his ex-girlfriend made him give her 20 bucks for  a handjob because she didn't want to be bothered with him.   Such a loser!
My Mikey was back again - 2 nights in a row for fun hour long calls:)
A new caller - servant boy bought some of my pics, then called asking permission to serve me and worship my feet.  After a little while he tried to end the call, but I wasn't finished with him so I made him add more money for about a half hour.
Loser Nate sent me an email....
grrr...may i please buy pictures of your feet...dirty or sweaty if you have any.
thankyou, nathan

I sent him back a $30 pay-to-view with a pic attached wearing my new red heels...
-I don't DO dirty and sweaty loser Nate... I prefer perfectly pedicured;)

thank you Goddess
i said i'd stay away, but i cant help throwing myself at your feet to be used and exploited.  i want to have you mashing my face under your bare soles, intoxicating me with the smell, while you take my money.
thank you for using me

*He wanted to do a cam call, but I was busy with another caller...  it's ok... he'll be back;)
Little dick Faykrott called for more humiliation.... he left feedback after the call...
Hmmm.... thank you... I think? ;) lol
5 starsGREAT! BellaDaisy is every bit the teasing Bitch that you think she will be. And she knows how to use her big tits to your disadvantage.