May 12th, 2008

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I  wasn't on Niteflirt much this past week.... 

-LD called for more mind control - it's almost as if I have him hypnotized... he just can't help but say or do whatever I want.

-Loser Nate gave in and opened the 2nd $30 pay-to-view mail I sent him the other night.

-Mr. Happy called for an hour of teasing.

-Chicago Mikey called a few times... his feedback says it all....
chicago mikey5 starsomg, first Princess orders me to call one of her dominant male friends (also a Nite Flirt advisor)...second, he makes me bark like a dog, then BEG to suck his cock (I did both)...third, Princess makes me repeat the whole process for HER on my next Nite Flirt call (yes, that means i barked again) was soooooooo humiliating

-My Mikey called for his third hour long cam call this week:)

-1Hot Boy was sitting at my feet like a good pussy boy and kept the tributes coming:)

-Lion....  poor Lion hasn't been able to cum in over a week... I just make him edge all night long while buying me wishlist presents.  Last night I didn't let him go to bed till he reached  "200" - doubling his previous record.   It's so much fun to make him shop and stroke - over and over ....and over again:)  I made him buy over 20 wishlist presents the past few nights.....    making 14 pages / 345 presents purchased from my callers:)

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