May 20th, 2008

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 Last night miles/Slave Jon... called to serve me on cam from 10pm - midnight 
and spent 2 HOURS on his knees  aching, stroking, and spending an extra $105. in Tributes for his Goddess.  Sure it cost him about $430. but I did finally let him cum:)
 5 starsGoddess Donna had me on my knees for 2 hours. I ached so badly for her when she finally let me release. I would do anything she asked of me. 

5 stars
Goddess Donna is so beautiful. I am so lucky that she lets me obey her commands


After that "Owned" Adam called my cam line for about 25 minutes - I made him go into Yahoo chats to whore himself out. ((yesterday I told you how Adam is married, but secretly LOVES being a cock sucker)) 
5 stars
Mistress Donna is simply amazing, she knows just how to captivate me and wrap me around her little finger.


Slave Jon just couldn't get enough of his Goddess because he sent another tribute, then called back again to chat for a while.
5 stars
I love Goddess Donna. I cannot say enough about this woman. She is the most amazing woman on NF