June 16th, 2008

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 My piggie M was back last night for more Tribute Games.  I only guessed the correct amount (meaning he'd have to double it) but he still ended up sending over $160. in Amazon Gift Cards:)

My perfect pussyboy....1HotBoy....

Sex6/16/2008One Hot Boy5 starsGive Donna your A game. She'll throw you a curve and get you to wimper to her that you know that "She's the boss"! Her A game is the only thing she knows. beat her A game, and you'll only find yourself "getting lucky"!!!!! 
Fem Dommes6/11/2008One Hot Boy5 starsYum Yums galore abound in Belladaisyville!!!! 
Mistresses6/8/2008One Hot Boy5 starsbest cock controller anywhere. Is there such a thing as a kind bitch? being with Belladaisy is to be controlled, and taken to the edge, but she bestows mercy on us in proportion to your devotion. Thas being what I cal... a kind bitch!---LUV IT! 


My Adoring Foot $lave Nick emailed me hoping to get some new foot pics (and comment on Chicago Mikey's pics)
AF$: Dear God, the latest entries in your journal made my eyes bleed
bella: ??
AF$: Small dicked man in comedy outfits   (( AF$ is from the UK))

He wanted some pics, but said he low on cash.
I took 1 pic with a $30 pay-to-view.
He loved it...so I quickly sent another
with a $40 pay-to-view.
He didn't ask for more... but I know he can't say no... so I kept sending...
raising the price from $40 to $60.
He ended up spending $210. for a few pics
037.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Chicago Mikey sent new pics today - this time wearing a blue wrestling singlet.  You'd think there would be a big buldge since he's wearing spandex, but nope... you can barely see his lil dick.
I'll post those later.

Lion's back again tonight... stroking, edging, and tributing:)  I ended up making him edge over 100 times and send $225. in tributes....   but... I still didn't let him cum:)