June 17th, 2008

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 Chicago Mikey sent more pics today.. I figured I'd post one cause it's so much fun to humiliate him;)
Mistresses6/16/2008chicago mikey5 starsShe is my "Super Girl"...lol 
Mistresses6/15/2008chicago mikey5 starsif you haven't checked out her journal lately, take a look at it NOW...there's a "top-down" pic of Daisy, and you can see her chest, her legs, and her feet...mmmmmmmmmmmm 

This isn't edited -- there's just really nothing there;) lol
tg34blue.jpg picture by belladaisy27

My other Chicago Loser... Loser Mike called back for  another humiliating fantasy involving his "fat wife"  and a gang bang.
Mistresses6/14/2008shaq4u5 starsfor my beautiful prncess,Bella Daisy, EVERYDAY I AM MORE AND MORE ADDICTED TO HER. I LOVE HER PICS, HER HOT BODY, HER EVIL LAUGH, AND ESPECIALLY SHE LAUGHS AT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My cuckold called back 2 nights in a row while hiding from his wife.  It's so much fun to tease him and get him so worked up that he can't stop even though his wife could walk in and catch him at any minute.