July 16th, 2008

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 My night started off with a half hour cam call with $cotty.  He loves being told to send me money. Tonight he bought a bunch of presents from my wishlist:)  Thanks $cotty;)

Loser N was back for more tonight....
Loser N: i cant believe you put our whole conversation in your journal. i may have blushed when i read it
Loser N: Goddess...i know its pathetic, but may i please see your feet when i call? you can just throw the camera down and forget about me...please
Bella: send me a tribute and ask again;)
Loser N:  yes Goddess
Loser N:  thank you Goddess
Loser N:  thank you for taking my money
Loser N:  i dont deserve to serve you
Loser N:  damn
Loser N:  I adore you Goddess. thank you for using my feelings toward you to get what you want
(then I got a NF call - so he had to wait)  but I sent another payment request anyway.
Loser N: i have to pay even tho i've been ignored??
Bella: yes you have to pay
Bella: the title is TRIBUTE again ...bitch
Loser N: yes Goddess...thankyou
Loser N: grrr...thank you for taking my money Goddess
Bella:  anytime
We chatted a little bit more and I sent him another payment request...
Loser N:do i really have to pay?
Loser N: maybe i could be your ass slave for a while...
Loser N: in stead of your foot bitch
Bella: hmmm... I like that one too
Bella:  yes you have to
Bella: go pay it
Loser N: why do i have to?
Loser N: what makes you think i will?
Loser N: you are so sure
Bella: why do you question me?
Loser N: because i love your answers
Bella:  well what a silly question
Bella:  we both know I always get what i want
Bella:  and right now
Bella:  I want you to go open that mail
Loser N:why do you think i give you what you want?
Bella:  because you
Bella:  are
Loser N: be honest now
Bella:  my bitch
Loser N: dont hold back
Bella:  i didn't
Bella:  i wouldn't
Loser N: making sure
Loser N: yes Goddess
Bella:  go
Loser N: thank you Goddess
Loser N: that will be the last one tonite tho...
Bella:  ((ok )) go pay it
Loser N: so when i'm up...i'll have to say bye
Bella: no...then you'll add more to your account and call me!
Loser N: yes Goddess.   thank you for ordering me Goddess
((I made him send another $170 in Tributes tonight during our call))

Loser Mike from Chicago called again while his wife was out for the night....

shaq4u5 starsLove Talking To My Beautiful Princess! Bella Daisy Kept Egging Me On To How Much I Wanted To Fuck My Wife's Sister. She Had Me Describing In Detail How I Would Make Love To My Wife's Sister. I Now Want And Crave Her More Than My wife. 

Loser Scott called me a couple times earlier in the week, but has been surprising me with tributes the past few days:)
lovesfeet5 starsAnother truly amazing call! I cannot wait for the day I am bent over and being a party favor for you and your friends! 
lovesfeet5 starsYou are truly amazing and I love spending money I dont have calling you! 

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 I decided to come on NiteFlirt early today because I'm going out with friends for Happy Hour... and that usually ends around 11... so I won't be on till midnight. 

I'm glad I did though... because I now have a new pet:)
Sissy X (who I renamed Sissy Heather) bought (and completed) 
Loser Assignments #1 & 2 ...  so I started emailing him - making him pay $10 to open every email... then  I sent him a few more assignments.... 1 of which he had to dress up and take pics for me.

-I asked him if I could post his pics...
Sissy Heather:  Oh if it makes you happy i guess so, i am here to serve you.  You are a fast mover into humiliation, i dread to think what else is coming

Xiaoxiu_slut11222222.jpg picture by belladaisy27  Xiaoxiu_slut11.jpg picture by belladaisy27 

Then he sent another email:
Sissy Heather:  
Well the idea of having picture on view certainly made me lose my erection haha, pity wasn't like this for the first picture as might have mad you laugh even more ~
You putting it on now you have gone quiet.

-Oh I'm sad to hear it made you lose your erection...  if you aren't turned on (while being humiliated) then maybe I should take it down.

Sissy Heather:  Oh don't worry it came back even stronger when i saw myself online.  In middle of being scared and thrilled, heart is racing like mad, what a great feeling.  I am a bit embarrassed about me confirming you can put up the pictures on your journal for every one to see haha