August 8th, 2008

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 I ended up staying out a lot later than I planned, so I never turned on NiteFlirt Wednesday night...but I did come home to a nice tribute from 1HotBoy:)

Thursday night I made my Aussie Loser buy all the pictures and video on my listings, then made him edge for over an hour:)

Teddy signed on looking for some instructions,  but I was busy with callers so he had to wait a while.  I made him open a pay-to-view email  letting him know he could stroke, but no cumming!....then sent him off to bed.  

I had a lot of fun playing money games with my Piggie M  last night.  He'd send an Amazon gift card and as soon as it was sent (before it reached my email) I'd guess the amount - when I guessed correct he  had to double it.  I ended up taking $200 from him and having him buy a few things from my wishlist:)  Bringing my purchased total up to 446 presents:)     
My wishlist-->
    I love the way you spoil Me:)         
I made him buy this little stuffed pig. 
 pm.jpg picture by belladaisy27
(he bought one before, but my puppy chewed it to pieces)  He knows when I hold it up to the webcam, it's time for him to tribute.   He's such a good piggie...he's already back tonight wanting to give me more:)