September 6th, 2008

(no subject)

I had a couple pay-to-view email sessions with Loser Mark over the past week and he's been bugging me to update my journal...   tonight he sent me this...
LM: you call that a journal update????
-you don't like it ??????   lol
LM:  pretty short considering it was the 1st in 9 days....and no mention of me???
-I know.. it was a pretty lame entry ;)   It's just that I have SO MUCH to write about and not enough time - especially when I skip a day or two    then I have all that to catch up on... 
LM:  yeah, yeah, yeah.....when r u going to have time when you are going to be busy taking money from us losers all night
-good question ;)   I could stop and update it now... but humiliating you is soooo much fun;)

glad u enjoy it.....i do too..... i love when you call me names...ask me questions...anything
-$5. Pay-to-View: where are you right now?  I'm sure you're jerking your loser cock - so I don't  have to ask;)

LM: on the couch in the living room...cock is fucking hard...under stroking...imagining u here laughing at me
-$5. Pay-to-View: Oh aren't you usually in the basement?   no stroking -- that's right -- you rub your dick on the warm laptop -- I wish I was there right now  to laugh at you in person!  fucking loser!

LM:  u know i can't help but rub my cock for u every chance i get where  ever i can find a place alone.....omg every time your ppv shows up my cock almost explodes......i love being your loser
-$10 Pay-to-view: I'm glad you love it.. because you're so good at it... like a Natural Born Loser!  Keep rubbing  loser  LOLLL
LM:  bombard me with names in the next mail....i will cum to the beautiful names u will call me...promise to eat it for u....please????????
$10 Pay-to-View:  Do you have any idea how fucking pathetic you sound?  Practically begging me to call you names...  well here are some that come to mind when I think of you....... Obviously LOSER is #1.. but then there's.... pathetic  cock sucking tranny loving cum eating pastry fucking laptop rubbing... LOSER!