October 2nd, 2008

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Piggie M was back tonight... Picture58.jpg picture by belladaisy27after disappearing on me about a month ago - my little atm was back and ready to play  $$ games:)   Whenever I guessed the correct amount he had to double it...  I had him send $70 in Amazon gift cards:)


JH might have been lucky the other night... beating me at my games, but last night he didn't have a chance.  That was an easy $100...I beat him 4 times in a row and sent him to bed without cumming:)
5 starsThe best, the best, the best. Call now, call often, and be glad you did. 
5 starsSo, so good. She lets you think you can fight, but quickly squashes your will as she takes over and reduces your willpower to nothing
5 starsShe is twisting me around her little finger and appears to be loving it. I try to fight, but it seems impossible, as her beauty and seductive ways are no match for me. 


As I mentioned the other day.. My blast from the past Dan is back...  we had another  fun hour call last night:)


My adoring UK foot $lave stopped by to say hi and I ended up making him pay $50 for 2 foot pics:)


My adoring UK foot $lave  was back again....needing pics of my feet in sexy heels:)
5 starsIf you can find hotter, you're quite possibly in the middle of the Sahara desert during an intense heatwave, holding a freshly filled hot water bottle, and chewing a mouthful of scotch bonnet chillis, while crawling across burning coals on your hands and knees, and having burning candle wax poured over you. Translated - Donna is extremely hot! 
5 starsPerfection! 


Loser Mike from Chicago left feedback today...
His  wife has no idea he's a closet panty wearing cock sucker!


TW can't seem to get enough of my pay-to-view emails...  $10 each -  sometimes with a foot pic attached, sometimes just a few words.  Either way he can't stop giving me his money  and keeps coming back for his "fix".
TW:  It was fun giving you my cash last nite  sometimes i try to call you but i just dont know what to say  and i get nervous but what is there to say i think your hot   and  and i  love giving you my cash it just feels right  your sexy heels drive me crazy .


Lion's right back where I like him... desperate to cum and giving me whatever I want:)  After making him edge over 100 times tonight  he ended up sending over $200 in Tributes:)  Keep stroking Lion... no cumming for you!!