November 9th, 2008

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Faggy M called to entertain me....

Here's his version of Mary Poppins Supercalifragilistic...

Here's his version of You're a Mean One (Mistress Bella)

Here's his version of Christina Aguilera's Dirrty

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Friday night I got a call from  Rob from the UK... he's called me a couple times before for maybe 5 or 10 minutes...   but Friday we talked for hours....  I had him stroking and paying all night long.  He asked about the Pay-Per-View games I like to play with other callers.  He was having computer issues so we ended up having to play tic-tac-toe on Yahoo....   Poor Rob...  he  just couldn't beat me... there were a few draws, but not once did he beat me:)  Everytime I won - he had to pay... game 1 - $10    game 2 -$11    game 3 - $12  game 4 - $13  and so on....  this went on and on....  I also took these 3 pics for him (which I made him pay $50 each for:)   He spent about $400 in Tributes/ Pay Mails and another $400 on our calls. 

tgrob-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

tgrob1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

$800 later... on his knees for hours... and I still sent him to bed without cumming:)

tgRob-3.jpg picture by belladaisy27

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-My Adoring Foot $lave Nick surprised me with a nice tribute:)

-I seem to have attracted a lot of new callers since posting those YouTube videos last night... I woke up today to find tons of emails, tributes, and my pictures for sale on my listings bought by callers I've never spoken to before:)
My YouTube:

-My sissy slut Damian called...  I had him dress up in his sexy lacy lingerie... bra,  panties,  garter belt, and  makeup ...    then I had him tie up his sissy  dick nice and tight with a ribbon, spank his ass over and over again with a wooden spoon, briefly put on nipple clips,  and put on a ball gag... when he wasn't wearing the gag I had him get his dildo and show me what a good cock sucker he is.   He was such a good slut always following my instructions that after an hour I finally let him cum all over his sissy face.

--Aww  poor Chicago Mikey aka Shelley he called me very upset and jealous about all the attention my friend Master Brad (Brad19)  has been getting from other guys...  whenever he tries to call Brad he's busy playing with other boys.... the the hot Abercrombie surfer boy ;)   Guess Shelley just isn't slutty enough to get his attention... she'll have to try harder;)

-Wow called me for some cbt...  I made him get out his tool box and get to work on his balls....  smacking them with the handle of a screwdriver, clamping a wrench on his dick making it tighter and tighter, I did eventually let him take the the wrench off....only to make him hit is balls with it.  Normally I'd have him slap his balls , but this time he wanted to be the first caller I made actually make a fist and PUNCH himself in the balls...   sounds good to me ....   He did it a couple times, but I wasn't impressed so I made him do it harder  and harder...  till he could barely breath and was doubled over in pain... yes that's more like it ;)