February 10th, 2009

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 I haven't been on NF much the past few days... but when I was... it was So much fun! $$$$

DTD called me wearing his pretty pink panties and needing to be humiliated.  He knows I get calls like that all the time and was afraid I'd be bored...  wanting to keep my attention he suggested I raise my rate.   :)
So I did....  just by a dollar and we spoke for  5 minutes.  But that wasn't good enough so I hung up - raised it to $4.99 and let him call back.   Ten minutes later I decided to hang up on him again.... raise it to $6.99  and he quickly called back  for 12 minutes.   During the $6.99 call he was afraid I'd hang up on him again   so I suggested he  go to my listings and click one of the tribute buttons at the bottom.  What a smart panty boy,  he paid my $70 cell phone bill tribute.  Soon  I hung up again though... raised it to $8.99 and right away he called back begging for more humiliation.... I gave him another 40 humiliating minutes @ $8.99  till I finally let him explode.  Such a good loser - he thanked me with another tribute after the call:)

After that I had a fun  teasing and denying SP for over 3 and a half hours!!!   His poor loser dick was so sore. lol

Then I decided to say hi to My Adoring Foot $lave  who I hadn't heard from in a while.   I sent him a couple feet pics I took recently  and then it began...  $25 pay-to-view emails... one after the other...   he just couldn't get enough of my legs and feet in different pantyhose and heels.  It wasn't long before he was up to $400.  Then it was over to my wish list where he bought 4 pairs of heels while I changed into  

tgw-wwww.jpg picture by belladaisy27 these white fishnets and heels to take more pics for him.  Around $500 he couldn't believe how easy it was for me to suck him in again and how much he had spent...  (it was pretty easy - but I kept sending pics he couldn't refuse:)  $600 and 4 pairs of heels later - welcome back Foot $lave :)