March 3rd, 2009

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Quick up dates:

Paypiggie G  paid his weekly tribute this morning...  but I hope he knows his next payment is due on Friday.  Paying late doesn't let you skip a week!

Loser Mike from Chicago took it to a whole new loser level  and met up with a Tranny last night.    According to him, she was a 5'10 Brazilian hottie with dark skin, long hair , nice tits , tight ass, and 7 uncut inches to fuck his sissy ass with.  He was so turned on when he left that he "went home, took a shower, and fucked fatty."  Fatty being his wife that he can't stand.  lol   He can't wait to see his new "girlfriend" again, he even picked out the sissy panties he's going to wear.

SissyJC paid another tribute this morning...  he's such a good bitch!