March 4th, 2009

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Loser Mark called me tonight... he's away on a business trip and called me from his rental car while driving around looking for somewhere to buy more Marshmallow Fluff.
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First he went into a 7-11, but they didn't have any.  Then he drove to Target and found what he was looking for.  I stayed on the phone with him while he waited in line with a rock hard cock as I told him what a loser he is over and over again.  Then it was off to his hotel room (on the ground floor right by the parking lot)...where I made him turn on all the lights and open the curtains...    get completely naked  and start fucking his fluff in between the couch cushions.  Loser Mark was doing a number on that fluff the suction was so loud as I laughed at him and told him what a pathetic loser he is.

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Sissybitch JC sent a tribute and a new pic this morning....
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Loser Mike from Chicago just called me...  he was so excited to retell his Tranny cock  sucking experience that he had to sneak off to the men's room at work and jerk off.

My YoutubePayPig G  IMed me today.   He sent the money yesterday, but I haven't spoken to him till now.

paypig: hi Goddess
bella: how are you
paypig: pretty good. u?
bella: I'm good
paypig: sweet.
paypig: so what do i owe you on friday?
bella: $125.
paypig: you can be bitchy at times i see
bella: lol who me ? aaaaangel.jpg picture by belladaisy27
paypig: lol. yes you. you seem sweet at first but you can be difficult.
bella: difficult? explain
bella: I'm not difficult... you weren't following the rules
paypig: demanding
bella: well yes
paypig: i know. i did have some problems with my wife's work schedule
bella: it's ok ... you'll just have to try harder piggie
paypig: i will. i was expecting to be punished
bella: so you were testing me?
bella: $150 on Friday it is
paypig: no, not at all. it wasn't a test
paypig: i usually like to take out small amount daily to make up the money for the week so my wife doesn't complain.; but when she was there friday, sat, and sunday it messed things up
bella: ok
paypig: so $150 on friday then?
bella: yes
bella: where were you when you heard my voicemail ?
paypig: at work
paypig: you were so firm.
paypig: blackmailing me like a slut
paypig: the slut i am
paypig: you probably enjoyed making me nervous
bella: I did
paypig: i was scared. i knew i had to send
paypig: blackmail is so good
Bella: yes it is
Bella: and I'm glad you were scared
paypig: i was.
paypig: it's good to know you are serious
Bella: very
paypig: milk me good. yumm
Bella: what are you sending on Friday ?
paypig: 150
Bella: good slut