March 23rd, 2009

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Loser Mike from Chicago called me while his wife was out, to tell me he was watching Transsexual Porn and couldn't stop thinking about his new tranny girlfriend.
5 stars 10,000,000 stars for my princess! i cant get enough of her voice! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
5 stars 8,000,000 stars, i cant stop thinking about her ! i now call her from work just to hear her voice, she has become a drug habbit i cant kick 
***update*** After reading this entry Loser Mike just informed me :  "perfect----------you forgot fat wife"

Lion's wife has him on an extra tight leash, so it's been hard for him to stroke as much as he'd like to  (which would be 7 nights a week)  but he did manage to sneak in a couple quick calls Saturday night.  I made him send $
150 to cum:)

Chicago Mikey called a couple times this week.  We looked up more submission wrestling holds.... it was so easy to picture Mikey as the scrawny loser struggling to get free.
He just emailed me a link to hot Mike Columbo pics.... yummy:)


Piggy M was back for more money games.   He was sooo sure he was going to win... but nope, not this time piggy:)
zgcpiggietgggggg.jpg picture by belladaisy27