March 25th, 2009

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Chicago Mikey was back again tonight for an hour of Gay Wrestling searches on Youtube.  I also got a pair of sunglasses in the mail...  I didn't know who bought them, but found out today it was Mikey:)
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Piggy M was back again for more money games.... he's such a good Piggy and does whatever he's told:)

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I woke up this morning to emails from a new caller "Marc the retard"   ~ He bought all my pics and completed loser assignments 1 & 2.

M:  I have finally well & truly succumb I am going to try & sneak a call to you when I get the opportunity as well, I cant wait, but for the time being your amazing pictures & sweet little voice is all I have to keep me in a constant state of arousal.
So incredibly turned on if I had to be perfectly honest, I especially adore your journal I am so envious, I want to give more & more, cant wait to call & you never know maybe I will make your wall of shame, do you offer web cam services Goddess, humiliating & abusing myself for you would be such an incredible honour.

-Hi Retard  ....  nice pic loser;)  and good job completing both  assignments...  as a reward I'll give you the option of buying either the digital picture frame or the tanning lotion from my wishlist.
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M:  Dear Goddess BellaDaisy
Thank you so much for replying & letting me purchase some gifts for you Goddess, I have immediately purchased both items as you really do deserve both Goddess.
May I have a ppv picture of you sticking your finger up at me with a humiliating comment Goddess?
Yours Humiliatingly
Marc the retard

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Loser Mike from Chicago called me today.. I knew he would have been calling from work, but it wasn't the loud echo I'd normally hear when he's sneaking a call in the restroom...    Loser Mike was so afraid he'd miss the chance to call  (( I was on during the day today)  that he called me with tons of people around in his office.    I told him to hang up and call back from the bathroom so I could tease him some more.   We talked about his tranny girlfriend and his wife Miss Piggy.  He was moaning pretty loud as I laughed at his loser ass.... I'm surprised his co-workers haven't heard him yet.


My Foot $lave "Bob the Builder" was back again for more pics this morning also...

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I sent him Pay-to-view pics/mail ranging from $10 - $30 each and suggested he start stroking....

He replied:
not sure thats a good idea!
Luv Bob

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- um ok then there will be stroking!
Luv Bob

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$280. later..........

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