April 2nd, 2009

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I've been getting a lot of questions about my YouTube videos... I took most of them down, but here's a few for the callers who were asking....

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YC has been fighting the urge to hand over his wallet...  but his need to be teased by me in my Hooters tank top keeps taking over.....
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I wasn't happy with another lil four minute call, even if he was paying $35/ minute... so I made him send $125. in tributes and buy a $50 Target gift card from my wishlist:)

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A few minutes after I posted the previous entry  "YC" -   IMed me on Yahoo....telling me he tried to stay away, but just couldn't get me out of his head:) 
He asked if I'd put on my Super Girl tank top ...sure... for $20/min :)
((thanks Chicago Mikey - the top you bought comes in handy again;))..

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**Update:  YC woke up and realized having your full name on my journal is NOT a good idea. ((which is why I wanted to call him YC from the beginning;) LOL))
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 Drive-by Tributer strikes again......  throughout the night Ry's been paying tribute buttons and buying all the pay-to-view pics and assignments on my listings.  After I saw he paid my $70 Cell Phone bill I sent him an email thanking him, but ...No Response.  LOL 
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Then I was just about to turn off my computer for the night and I got a new email... 
My favorite kind...   Subject:  Your NiteFlirt account has been credited. This time he paid my $350 Car Payment Tribute.
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