May 5th, 2009

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I'm off to bed after another busy night on NF....   
As usual... it started off with Chicago Mikey... again drooling over my boyfriend, I had fun teasing him/reminding him of all the presents he bought my bf in the past.

Then it was another long call from that cock gobbling whore Kendra Lynn...   you can check out Richard/Kendra's blog at:
Richard used to be married...   that is until his wife came home from work one day and found him sitting in the living room wearing pantyhose and high heels jerking off with a nylon bathing suit.  Now that the Pantyhose Princess is single... he/she can dress up every day!! The sissy fag called me tonight wearing a full outfit....skirt/shirt/ stockings/ heels etc.  He even wears his pantyhose to work under his pants so he can slip his shoes off under his desk and rub his nylon covered feet together (most likely while day dreaming of big black cock in his loser ass)

Layton was back again tonight... he can't resist...  I made him stroke and edge over and over again.... it won't be long before I have him in chastity:)
tgLayton.jpg picture by belladaisy27

"R"... the little dick pune Indian called to be laughed at....   5'3 with a 3 inch dick...   no R, I would never waste my time with you ;)

BF called for another fun cuckold roleplay session.  I always enjoy thinking up new was to embarrass him:)

My last call of the night...  YC needed to be teased on cam... so I raised the rate to $20/min just for him;) 
That was a quick $69 :) 
tgyc.jpg picture by belladaisy27