May 9th, 2009

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Mikey's still calling every night, but lately it's been all about the sissies....especially one in particular...  The Pantyhose Princess Kendra Lynn!   Kendra he keeps going on and on about you!  He just couldn't get enough of your pics in your sexy, slutty outfits
chicago mikey5 starsIf you haven't checked out Donna's blog, you should definitely do so now. Her pics of Kendra Lynn (a caller) are soooooooo sexy! I wish I could take her out on a date -- maybe to one of my wrestling matches? <giggle>

Speaking of sissies....  I made my pain slut Damian put on his fishnets, thong, bra, and stripper heels for a lil CBT and cock sucking session.  One of his assignments is he has to save up all his cum in the freezer so when he gets a good amount he can fill up his squirting dildo and take a nice load to the face.  Damian ran out of baggies so I made him go to the store and buy some before I let him call.  He's turning into quite the cocksucker, going deeper and deeper on his huge dildo.  He's also stretching out his mouth taking 2 cocks at a time...  sometimes one just isn't enough for a whore like Damian.


Loser Mike from Chicago called from the couch club again...  sad news, his tranny girlfriend moved on, but he has someone new in mind...  he's meeting up with a new Tranny this weekend.  It'll be his first black cock, he's so excited!   His wife woke up during our call and he had to quickly hang up mid sentence as he was going on and on about how dirty this black tranny is and all the things he's going to do with her.


Loser Mark called.... his wife had some friends over so the loser took the phone into the bathroom to sneak a call... I had so much fun humiliating him as his wife and her girlfriends were having a great time talking and laughing in the kitchen about 15 feet away.  They have no idea just how pathetic the pastry fucker is:)


I had my cam lines on last night... Layton was so cute arranging calls and setting appointments - he was so afraid someone else would steal me away cause he's been waiting "forever" to see me on cam.  He wanted to see me in my SuperGirl tank top (thanks again Chicago Mikey).  I also put on pantyhose to tease him as I dangled my high heel off my foot.   I made him stroke and edge for over an hour and half:)  It's so much fun completely controlling his cock ;)

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