May 25th, 2009

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As much as I love all the tributes you boys send me when you come begging Not to be mentioned in my journal...
  it doesn't really make for a good blog;)

So let's see.... who can I mention.......

Mikey's been arranging a bunch of calls, but we keep missing each other...
chicago mikey5 starsomg, did everyone see the pics of Donna's bf in his new Under Armour hat? He looks like SUCH a stud -- only real men like that get beautiful, big booby goddesses like Donna. <giggle> Sissy Timmy must be soooooooooo humiliated! 

Lion snuck online to stroke, edge, and pay while his wife was out.  I made him send this
adorable $25 Target e-card  and also a $50 Target gift card from my Amazon wishlist:)

lion-gc.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Riley hit up my Wishlist quite a  few times this week too :)

Layton called for a half hour tease and denial session....  I had fun keeping him on the edge, making him ache for me as he stroked to pics of my legs and feet in sexy stockings and stilettos. 


Faggy M called tonight...  I didn't have him sing, but I did make him send a $100 Tribute and told him to have a new song ready for when he calls back in a few days.

zzzCockSuckerA-3.jpg picture by belladaisy27

zzCockSuckerA-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27