May 30th, 2009

Raise The Rate Bitches

My Raise the Rate bitch was back last night...   once he starts stroking to pics of my cleavage, I know he just can't resist.  He'll do whatever I say just for a lil bit of my attention.    Even if he was paying $5/min... I still got bored and ended up setting the phone down for a little while as the loser repeated over and over "Bella owns me, I want to give all my money to her beautiful cleavage"   LOL     

Stroke, Edge, & Pay Bitches!   He ended up dropping $500 on the call while in his big boobie trance :)

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I'm having a party at my house tonight... I won't be online.  I might turn my IGNORE LINE on, but for some reason so many of you don't get the concept - I'm not going to talk to you losers!!!  I'm letting you listen to me having a blast while IGNORING YOUR ASS!!
Obviously this line isn't for everyone...  so don't call looking for a conversation ;)
Your extension on 1-800-TO-FLIRT


Today's wishlist presents....  Thanks Riley and Loser Mike from Chicago ;)

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