June 12th, 2009

$uper Busy

I was $uper busy all night.. one arranged call after the other:)

My little dick Asian Slave "C"  called wanting to serve me.  After talking and humiliating him for a little while, he asked if he could email me his latest fantasy:

Vote yes on Prop C
Hilary Clinton Secretary of State enacted her cpt plans to the country today.  Chink powered transport or cpt for short is a program many Americans feel will help the economy and Prop C is expected to pass.  Some points of her plan include less traffic congestion.  These chinkshaws don't use gas and price for it would go down.  National air quality will improve 20 percent over the next year.  CPTs are free for white riders 24 hours a day.  Chinks are trained for 40 mile a day riding.  For express service double chinks are available.  New rickshaw models include cushion seats, sunroofs, buggy whips, electro crops and hot chocolate during night rides.  Chinkshaws in straw hats and capri pants will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.  Together with Hilary's 3R plan, reduce chinks, reuse chinks and recycle chinks make for a better world for this generation and those to follow.  Vote yes on Prop C.

I have nothing against Chinese people, but he had me laughing so much during the call.  I made him jerk his lil "Chink Dink" with chopsticks  while teaching me how to speak Chinese.   After an hour of humiliation, I let him cum in his rice bowl....and eat it;)


A new caller emailed me tonight:

"u r so sexy princess, i wanna be your whore, take my money and spend it all please. empty my wallet and leave me broke and hard wishing i could cum to your tits and feet."
"just listened to your 'Grovel at My Feet'  recording and it has me so hard.  i want to worship your feet and give you my wallet so bad, please bella take this cash from me mmmmmm"

I replied with a $5  Pay-to-View:  I'm going to...
take everything you have loser!!! 
Start stroking that cock  dreaming of my big tits and soft feet!

"mmmmm yes bella i love how you take my money, my cock gets so hard thinking about it. i want those feet and tits so bad and i know ill never get them"

$5 Pay-to-View:  you're right loser...
NEVER ever gonna get them!!! hahaha

"i cant stop dreaming of how bad i want them and need them. u taking this money is making me uncontrollably horny, my dick has never been this hard before. I crave you so badly please dont stop."

$10 Pay-to-View:  I want you...
rock hard and stroking for me!   what a coincidence....  taking your money makes ME horny!  

"i am rock hard and rubbing my dick for you. i do whatever you say because i am your bitch. i wish you really knew how fucking horny i am with you taking my money. im so happy it turns you on please take it all. mmmm"

$10 Pay-to-View: Keep going......
I love using you!!!   Stroke and Pay bitch   stroke and pay!

"yes yes yes. stroking and paying my bella. i love when you call me bitch, makes my dick throb. mmmmm "

I sent him a few more Pay-to-view: $10, $20, $25, $30, $50, $10 and $10

"I cant hold it anylonger.  Can i call you please i need to hear your voice bella, let you torture me"

I'm on a call... NO cumming bitch!

"i want to call you so bad i am trying my hardest to hold in this cum but its getting so hard i dont know how long i can hold it"

Be a good bitch and hold it for me :)

"im trying my hardest for you bella, this is so fucking hard. I need to cum so bad im shaking. please hurry im begging you so bad"

LOL   the poor $$ bitch had to wait  like an hour and a half before it was time for his arranged call.  He was begging to cum the minute I picked up the phone.   Even if he did spend $185 in emails and had been stroking for a couple hours... I still teased and denied for a little while before finally letting him finish;)

jbitch.jpg picture by belladaisy27


One of my foot boys who I haven't heard from in a while called tonight too...   he, just like the $$ bitch from earlier couldn't get enough of my big boobs and feet.  He'd give anything to have me teasing his cock in a pair of  leather open toe stilettos and was begging to lick them clean.


Another plus to being $uper Busy....  1HB was so jealous/horny that he had to wait 3 hours to talk to me, he sent a $100 Tribute while waiting with an arranged call:)


Public Libraries

Chicago Mikey emailed me:
Hey Donna
I just bought you that "I'm Not Mean, You're Just a Sissy" t-shirt from Amazon.
I can't tell you how difficult it was to hide my boner, sitting here in the public library, thinking of you wearing the shirt...;-)
Will you pleeeeease post a pic of yourself in the new t-shirt on your LJ page?

Thanks Mikey...  
sure I can post a pic :)  Still not sure how I'm going to squeeze my big boobs into a medium though.  lol

 omg, my library boner just got bigger (well, "bigger" for me...;-)

chicago mikey5 starsomg, Donna just forced me to buy her a t-shirt that reads, "I'm not mean, you're just a sissy." How humiliating...eek! Now why on earth would she think that i am a sissy? 
chicago mikey5 starsomg, Donna has found a new wrestling submission hold -- the (dreaded) Bear Hug. Now i'm scared that she's going to find some big, beefy, study to wrap his linebacker-like arms around me and squeeeeze! <whimper>


Thanks Lion ;)
z1twl.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Lion:  I'm sitting in a university library right now
Lion:  I checked your live journal.
Bella:  Oh yes the Target card you and Ruth bought me came today
Lion:  gasping at the "you and ruth" comment
Bella:  lol
Lion:  you liked that didn't you
Bella:  that's why I said it ;)
Lion:  I'm beginning to think that was an evil laugh..
Lion:  just had to "adjust" myself 
Lion:  I'm going to go now...I don't want to get lured in any further
Bella:  bye Lion... milk you soon ;)