August 17th, 2009

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Here's subbie Ben showing off his pink VS panties and chastity belt...
He's such a good bitch..  paying for my pedicures and never cumming without permission ;)

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Hey Tanline  $30 Pay-to-view:

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$100 gc from Riley,  $50 gc from Pain Slut M, and the rest is from Cuckie JJ...
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Journal Of Dreams

I received this email today titled  "Journal Of Dreams"

I have been reading your journal for years. You are such a beautiful woman and a tease that I've stayed away from you for fear of how you might use me. I must admit that your attitude certainly makes me weak and the way you so easily take money from men with a sweet smile is such a turn on. Its like being hypnotized and unable to resist. My heart pounds each and every time I see how you've pay mailed another helpless cuck or perv into becoming a bitch of yours.  I wish I could serve you.  Being one of your boys would be so hot!

** You wish you could serve me?  I have a feeling you'll be doing it sooner than you think;)  My "sweet smile"...  I always have a big smile on my face because I'm loving every minute of it!