August 20th, 2009

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*** There is a glitch in the NF email system... 
If you sent me something and I didn't reply... it's because I never received it.
I'll be on NF around 7:30pm (eastern) tonight.


Hey subbie ben... you got fan mail ;)

"Your Pedicure Bitch "ben" has a really nice ass!  What a cutie!"

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Does anyone watch Hard Knocks on HBO?  I've been watching it the past 2 years with the Cowboys and the Chiefs.  This season they're following the Cincinnati Bengals through training camp.  I felt bad for the guy they cut at 5:30 in the morning.. what a way to be woken up... half naked with a camera crew in your face as you're receiving horrible news.   Ochocinco's craziness is entertaining and Carson Palmer is pretty funny:)


Just did a call with ZF...  he scheduled this call weeks ago as soon as he found out his wife would be gone for the night.   He was all ready to go with a choice of panties ( I had him put on her floral thong), tie up his dick with a satin ribbon, suck on a carrot, and smack his balls.  Then I made him stick the carrot up his ass and call his wife from his cell phone...  that was a lil too much excitement for him and he didn't last...    but thanks for the nice tribute Z ;)


After that TD called me...  he calls me a lot...  he's not very smart when it comes to money, so he needs me to tell him how to spend it, haha :)       Since I control his money and his cock, he asked me if it's ok if he masturbated ...sure but no cumming ;)   We started talking about how his wife doesn't like when he masturbates or watches porn, but at the same time she's never in the mood for sex...   I never understood that...  I have some friends who "forbid" their men from watching porn and get mad when they jerkoff.... of course I tell them they're crazy, what's the big deal?... but in the back of my mind I'm thinking  good job, way to be uptight....  you'll have your husband calling NF in a few years;)