August 23rd, 2009

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Phillies win the game with an Unassisted Triple Play...
suck on that Mets fans ;)

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CumyTummyScott can't seem to get me out of his head...  he' s been serving me nonstop all weekend - even when I'm not around:)

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I'm so conflicted. I've never felt this way before. Its as if you've opened up a door to another world. I've been licking my pre cum for hours thinking of you while I edge and doze off, and edge, and stop stroking. I look at the few pictures I have of you and have so many perverted desires that I'm not sure where this type of thing is leading. I just wanted to meet you initially because I was in awe of what I've read you did to others. Now, I'm not sure what my motives are any more. I think of you constantly, I think of you humiliating me, I think of you taking money from me, and I think of you abusing me calling me a loser. And with all those thoughts, I imagine you sitting there laughing at me, counting the money you take from me while you have me swallow cum and suck off cocks.  Maybe this was something in me all along and you just touched on it and have used it against me. I wish I knew what thoughts you have of me. A married man, cheating on his wife, giving money to a young beautiful woman that just likes to play with him and make him yearn for her. Maybe I am a lose. If I am, then so be it, because you're worth every bit of humiliation youve fed me.

You don't have a problem being affiliated with a person that wants you more than his wife, and wants to give head to men? Do you like me?

   *I WANT you to want me more than your wife:)
I knew you were a cock sucker the minute you described the red panties.....
and of course I like you...   
I like talking to you, I like using you, I like making you weak for me, and I love to see how far I can keep pushing you Scott...
now stroke to that;)

Well I do want you! I want you badly!! I know I cant have you, and maybe you don't even see me as an equal in such a way as being someone you'd be with. I'm not really sure how you see me. But my thoughts are consumed with you, and how you seem to have turned me out, and I'm not even sure how you did it. My heart is racing, and my cock is drooling, and my feelings for you are running rampant.   If my wife knew, its for certain I'd be fucked. Right now my mind is more on how I feel about you, because certainly, you've fucked me good this weekend, and you still are. Im feeling the burn of wanting you and I vacillate between feeling used or just plain stupid for wanting what you've done to me.