August 25th, 2009

That's not Gay at all ;)

Mikey IMed me on Yahoo...

chicago_mike_wrestler: so where can i see a pic of subbie ben's cute ass?
chicago_mike_wrestler: btw im not gay
bella: LOL  ok mikey
bella: I just sent it to you  
chicago_mike_wrestler: omg what a tight little bottom...i would LOVE to walk up behind him...
bella: lol
chicago_mike_wrestler: and POUND that little bottom!!!
bella: not gay at all
chicago_mike_wrestler: NO! im not!
chicago_mike_wrestler: and to prove it, why don't you put something sexy for ur bf on Amazon, and i'll buy it
chicago_mike_wrestler: cause thats not something a gay guy would do
bella: ok 
chicago_mike_wrestler: speaking of being manly, lifted weights the other made me SO sore that i've had to take 5 days off to recover
chicago_mike_wrestler: i think ill stick to get nice and skinny
bella: you'll stick with the runners arms
chicago_mike_wrestler: they try SO hard to escape from bulging biceps
chicago_mike_wrestler: btw i just bought the Under Armour top
chicago_mike_wrestler: yummy!!!
chicago_mike_wrestler: not gay
bella: awesome
bella: not gay at all  lol
chicago_mike_wrestler: any chance u will send me a pic
bella: sure
chicago_mike_wrestler: w/ur studly bf (drool) wearing it
chicago_mike_wrestler: mmmmmm
chicago_mike_wrestler: be sure to tell him my sad weight lifting story
bella: lol ok
chicago_mike_wrestler: id love to hear his reaction
chicago_mike_wrestler: b/c i can probably guess what it will be
chicago_mike_wrestler: i still want to make it out to philly -- maybe over xmas break -- and buy dinner for the two of you
bella: sounds good
chicago_mike_wrestler: me in the restaurant, hiding at the bar
chicago_mike_wrestler: i just think that would be SOOOO humiliating
chicago_mike_wrestler: having to buy dinner for a beautiful woman and her stud bf
chicago_mike_wrestler: an absolute admission that hes more man than i am
chicago_mike_wrestler: and that i am SOOOO intimidated by him
chicago_mike_wrestler: seriously im kind of scared just talking about it
chicago_mike_wrestler has signed back in.
bella: hey
chicago_mike_wrestler: hi <giggle>
bella: lol  you're so gay
chicago_mike_wrestler: seriously, would be SOOOO intimidated to meet ur bf
bella: you should be
chicago_mike_wrestler: can u imagine the handshake between the two of us
chicago_mike_wrestler: his big hands
chicago_mike_wrestler: his strong forearms
chicago_mike_wrestler: my skinny runners arms
bella: he'd crush your lil hand
chicago_mike_wrestler: ow, ow, OWWWW!!!
chicago_mike_wrestler: it hurts just thinking about it!
chicago_mike_wrestler: i would probably drop to my losing a wrestling test of strength
bella: yes  you would
bella: begging him to let go
chicago_mike_wrestler: i dont think he would tho at least not right away
chicago_mike_wrestler: feel free to paste any/all of this text onto ur LJ page, btw
chicago_mike_wrestler: if u want
bella: I was going to anyway;)
bella: you can check for an update tomorrow
chicago_mike_wrestler: yes, Mistress