September 21st, 2009


My niteflirt lines are on.... But don't call my cam lines cause I'll be taking calls on the beach all day;) and I don't have my laptop or webcam with me on vacation.
Like I said yesterday, I don't have a way of turning just my cam lines off...
Call Me !!

Or... If you want to pay more per minute JUST BECAUSE... then go ahead and hit up the cam lines( just remember I won't be on cam)


Quick update as promised for LOSER MARK the pastry/couch fucker.
Since he seems to be making his way through the menu at McDonalds pretty quick, I told him he needs to swtich it up and went back to one of his favorites. MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!
Loser couldn't wait to get home and rip open that container to start humping away.
I asked him what it feels like and he said...OMG Princess it feels like a tight pussy!
Well ok then loser, I guess it beats warm apple pie...go ahead show me just how pathetic you can be;)

He was in extra loser mode that day because he ended up calling back for more humiliation
about 20 minutes later.


Ok I'm off to the beach.... Call me!