September 23rd, 2009

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It's a rainy day down the shore today... not sure what I'm going to do since I can't go to the beach:( Maybe see a movie and do a little shopping on the boardwalk.
If you're lucky you'll catch me on NiteFlirt more than normal;)

Come find me...

I love how some of you are going through withdrawal without me:)

*Last night I had Cummy Scott on his knees begging for permission to cum.
Since he was a good slut and completed his panty shopping assignment, after about an hour and a half of stroking & edging through pay-to-view mails,  I finally let him call;)

**Faggy M appeared after being gone a few months...  he said:
"i love how You use Your beauty and hot body to attract the guys, but then use those assets to actually get them hooked on (sexually) other things like food or gay sex or whatever amuses You. and in the end they actually think it's their own fetish but You created it."

which brings me to....

***Loser Mark the food fucker called back and I decided to make him do another humiliating drive thru call at Mickey D's... letting the cashier know what a loser he is and how he couldn't wait to fuck up his fries, literally.
I could barely talk I was laughing so hard at the sound of him jerking his loser dick in a crinkling bag of french fries...showing me just how pathetic he really is.  I mean.. a hot cheeseburger and marsh mallow fluff is one thing...  but a bag a fries?  LOLLLLoser!

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The sun is shining... forget the movies... I'm gonna go lay out on the beach :)

I had some entertaining calls today with Cummy Scott and Layton... it's so much fun having you boys by the balls ;)

I'll be back taking calls later tonight ;)