November 4th, 2009

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I'll be online till 8 - then back after tonight's game... 
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Today's presents...

The coffee maker and iPhone case are from M$.

The goggles, Santa Christmas decoration, and Home Depot gift card are all from Lion.  I have a couple  more Home Depot cards coming from Lion over the next week...    Since his wife blocked the credit cards from most websites I like to shop on, Home Depot was the way to go.  Pretty fitting though seeing as he paid for most of the remodeling I had done to my kitchen and dining room last year;)

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wishlist007.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Speaking of Lion...
He came online needing to be used...    he's always hoping to be humiliated in front of my friends and he finally had the opportunity.   I was chatting with a couple of my friends online while talking to Lion and he kept asking what I was laughing at... so I told him I had my cam pointed at his and was showing them what he was doing.  Of course he was so turned on and embarrassed at the same time he wanted to talk to them...  only one of them was willing to IM him, it was a lil too much for my other friend, lol.
Lisa is as vanilla as they come,  I was so surprised to see how quickly she started egging him on for being such a nasty  bitch while I did more shopping with his credit card.  In the end I spent $200 on his card and sent him to bed blueballed;)

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lion-zzzzzz.jpg picture by belladaisy27