November 13th, 2009

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Wishlist presents from Dan, TJ, and Cuckie...
some gift cards for me.. and more items knocked off my Christmas Shopping list:)

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chicago mikey 5-star omg, last night Bella Daisy kicked my booty in a wrestling match
it was soooooo humiliating :(

chicago mikey 5-star After Bella Daisy whooped my butt, she made me admit (out LOUD!) that i'm a
PUSSY...she also stood in a victory pose over me, flexing her toned arms while she held me in place with her foot. i struggled as hard as i could, but i couldn't escape! :(


$400 Blue Balls for My UK Foot Perv D...

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Loser Mark called on his way home from work... I made the pastry fucker take his phone into the store and pick out something... he went with Twinkies.. he was in such a hurry he smacked his loser hard-on up against the counter at the register.. then made his way to the restroom where he couldn't open the package fast enough to make a loser dick twinkie jerk off sandwhich...

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